Real Madrid regret? Jerome scored six goals in five games and Everton scored seven goals in a row in the Premier League

 Real Madrid regret? Jerome scored six goals in five games and Everton scored seven goals in a row in the Premier League

The second half became a solo performance by J. Rowe, who scored twice to help the team lock in the win. The 52nd minute, yiwobi left road passes, J Luo restricted area middle side body volleys the goal, rewrites the score as 3-1. The 70th minute, J Luo area right side receives Du Kules left road cross head ball push shot to be successful, the score becomes 4-1.

Its not new for Ronaldo to pass and shoot to help the team win. The home game against West Bromwich two weeks ago was just over, but its very valuable to score two goals plus an auxiliary attack and brush three offensive data in a single game.

94% passing power, together with 72 touches, 5 steals and 4 shots, all reflect the comprehensiveness of J. Scoring two goals (or more) in a single game is also the first time Jerome has scored more than a year. The last time he scored two goals (or more) in a single match was already in the 2018-19 season. In March 2019, Jerome scored a hat trick in the Bundesliga match between Bayern Munich and Mainz.

After moving to Everton, Jerome has scored three goals and three assists in five appearances this season, which is more than that of Real Madrid last season. Last season, he made 14 appearances on behalf of the galaxy with only one goal and two assists.

J. Rowes outstanding performance also helped the team win seven consecutive games at the beginning of the season, which is the second time in the history of toffee club, and the last time has been traced back to 1894-95 more than 100 years ago. Even if its a seven game winning streak in the middle of the tournament, the last one was in 1987, 33 years ago. As for the four consecutive league wins in the new season, the last one before this season was the 1969-70 season 50 years ago.

Although he has wasted many years in a big family, Hames still has time to save his almost precarious career. He is only 29 years old and still at the peak of his career. For Ancelottis trust, Jerome is almost the first time to integrate into the team and the rhythm of the Premier League to repay, if you can avoid injury, adhere to a stable play, even if not in the top club, he is still the world-class level.