Trumps new crown treatment two pronged approach: cocktail therapy and radcivir

 Trumps new crown treatment two pronged approach: cocktail therapy and radcivir

Trumps treatment: cocktail therapy and redcivir

Novel coronavirus pneumonia (CNN), October 3rd, provided a dose of trial antibody therapy to Trump, who was diagnosed with new crown pneumonia, according to the CNN (October 3rd).

The companys chief executive, Leonard Shriver, told CNN that Trumps immune system is in a race against the virus, and if the virus wins, it could have terrible consequences, and what his companys antibodies can provide is to make the race fair.

The cocktail antibody therapy of regenerant

Preclinical studies have shown that regn-cov2 reduces the number of viruses and associated damage in the lungs of non-human primates. On September 19, regen released data showing that regn-cov2 can reduce virus levels and improve symptoms in hospitalized covid-19 patients.

On August 19, a well-known Swiss pharmaceutical company named rcov2 reached a cooperation agreement. Under the agreement, the two companies will jointly develop and manufacture regn-cov2. As for distribution, regenerant will distribute regn-cov2 in the United States, while Roche will be responsible for distribution outside the United States. It is expected that this cooperation will increase the supply of regn-cov2 to at least three and a half times the current capacity, and is likely to expand further.

There is also progress in the development of new antibodies against AstraZeneca. At the end of August, AstraZeneca was exposed and had begun testing an antibody cocktail therapy. AstraZenecas antibody therapy, named azd7442, is a combination of two monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), also known as cocktail therapy.

Ly-cov555, a major antibody developed by Eli Lilly and abcellera, a biotechnology company, entered phase III trials in early August. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was first introduced in June 2nd, and it was the first potential antibody therapy for new crown pneumonia, which promoted human trials.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) cooperated with virbiotechnology to develop a new coronavirus neutralizing antibody vir-7831 (also known as gsk4182136). In early September, GSK completed the first patient administration in the phase 2 / 3 clinical trial.

In China, the antibody therapy of Junshi biology has attracted much attention. On July 13, Jun Shi bio (01877. HK) announced that the phase 1 clinical trial of recombinant all human monoclonal antibody injection (product code js016) developed jointly with the Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, has been completed.

Li Ning, CEO of Junshi biology, revealed in an exclusive interview with surging journalists that Junshi bio hopes to complete the clinical research as soon as possible in the third quarter, at least in the early clinical research of patients with new crown.

It is worth mentioning that Lilly and Junshi biology have also reached a cooperation agreement on js016.