news flash! White House doctor: trump is in good shape

 news flash! White House doctor: trump is in good shape

White House doctor Sean Conley

Conley also said he was happy with the progress made in the presidents recovery, according to CNN. Medical staff are closely monitoring the president for complications, who is currently not breathing oxygen or has difficulty breathing.

In addition, Conley explained that bringing trump to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center was a preventive measure..

At the same time, the White House doctor said first lady Melania was in good condition and recovering at home..

In the early hours of the 2nd local time, trump tweeted that he and the first lady Melania had tested positive for the new coronavirus. On March 3, trump went to Walter Reed military hospital for further treatment. According to a person familiar with the situation, trump was shocked after the positive results of the new crown test came out, and he became more alert and worried about his symptoms after he developed symptoms such as fever overnight, according to a person familiar with the situation.

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