American netizens wonder: why is the dosage of the experimental drug prescribed to trump so large

 American netizens wonder: why is the dosage of the experimental drug prescribed to trump so large

Screenshot of memo

American netizens hold their own opinions

For Trumps high-dose medication, American netizens have a great difference, some netizens directly questioned the dosage of the drug.

A medical doctor named Jeremy foster criticized the trump medical team, saying: the presidents team either does not understand the basic medical literature, or understands the literature but does not reject Trumps request based on the proposal that he does not know, or thinks that trump is going to die, so it dares to try anything.

Many American netizens questioned Trumps illness according to the dosage, believing that the large dose of drugs actually only proved Trumps serious situation. Some American netizens even took the opportunity to invent a new conspiracy theory.

Some Americans are looking at the drugs themselves. They noted that the antibody mixture was only an experimental drug and had not been tested much.

Thats what Dr. trump gave trump, and hes going to use a large dose of 8 grams, but its just a drug that hasnt been tested much. Its hard to imagine that this drug was given directly to trump.

The above is a screenshot of twitter

Authors explanation of scientific questions

In response to the debate in American public opinion, Jon Cohen, the contributing author of science, interviewed George yancopoulos, co-founder of regenerant pharmaceutical company, on Trumps treatment plan, and published an article on the website of science to elaborate on the issue.

This is what you need to know about Trumps treatment program, science website screenshot

Although it is not known why Trumps doctors chose the 8 gram dose, the companys data showed that the risk was very limited.. He claims that large doses last longer and repel the virus more effectively.

If Im going to cure a patient, Ill give him a large dose. But if you want to treat more people from a social point of view, I would recommend low doses, jankopoulos said

However, according to regenerants research, the antibody mixture has a significant effect on patients with higher virus levels, and the specific situation of trump in this respect is not clear. Therefore, jankopoulos also said that he could not speculate on the effect of the drug, which depended on the patients condition.

Cohen tweeted that there was no obvious advantage to high-dose therapy

However, Cohen stressed that according to the current experimental data of regenerant, there is no significant difference between the therapeutic effect of 8 g and the low-dose of 2.4 g. for Trumps treatment scheme, it seems strange to choose a large dose. He said that the preparation cost of the drug is higher, the price is more expensive, and the effect of low-dose treatment is similar to that of high-dose treatment, which is undoubtedly good news for the public.

The antibody mixture is still only an experimental drug, and there are few test samples

As some American netizens have noticed, regenerants antibody mixture is actually an experimental drug without a lot of testing.

According to the Sept. 29 press release of regenerant, only 275 patients have been tested for the drug, and the R & D team is evaluating the antiviral activity of the drug to determine which patients are most likely to be effective. The 275 patients received 8 g of high-dose treatment, 2.4 g of low-dose treatment and placebo-controlled trials in a 1:1:1 ratio. At the same time, regenerant also divided the drug treatment patients into two groups, with and without new coronal antibodies.

The report showed that the higher the number of viruses in the body, the better the treatment effect. Only one case of low-dose test subjects had serious adverse reactions in all patients. The median time to relieve symptoms was 7 days for patients with positive antibody serum test, and 13 days for patients with negative antibody serum test. However, the report did not list the number of patients who had improved.

It is estimated that more than 1300 new crown patients will participate in the next phase of the drug trial.

In contrast, the star drug redcivir trial, which trump strongly advocated before, is more sufficient. More than 1000 patients participated in the April clinical trial, and more than 5600 patients were added to the phase III clinical trial. In May this year, redseway was granted emergency authorization from the United States.

According to the memorandum issued by the White House, in addition to antibody mixture therapy, trump will take vitamin D, zinc, melatonin, aspirin and famotidine, and White House doctors will also use radcivir for treatment. However, some experts pointed out that no strict clinical trials have shown that vitamin D, zinc or famotidine can help fight the new coronavirus.

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How serious can trumps new crown be? CNN: not optimistic

How serious is novel coronavirus pneumonia after Trumps infection? According to CNN, although White House doctors and Trumps wife Melania said that trump was in good condition after he was found to be infected with the new coronavirus, which would not affect Trumps performance as president, CNN said that Trumps situation was still not optimistic, because of his 74 year old age, fat body size and male gender It belongs to high risk group.

CNN also said that it is not clear whether trump has other chronic diseases that can cause the disease to worsen, but there is no evidence that he has diabetes, cancer, kidney disease and other diseases that can lead to the disease.

Suddenly! Trump confirmed the new crown! What does it mean?

Both trump and the first lady were infected with the new crown, and they were tested positive!

Foreign media are crazy, and the peak of power in the western world can not resist the new coronavirus.

Moreover, trump did not say how long he was going to isolate himself, and the US CDC only recommended 14 days.

I dont know if the White House is ready to inject disinfectant

The chain of communication should start with a senior trump aide, hope Hicks.

As soon as she was diagnosed with a new crown, the trump family went to the test.

This week, she flew to all parts of the country on air force one.

Its impossible to wear a mask. The staff and a large family in the plane should be infected.

This is not a large number of voters... Look at the situation, understand the king or poison king?

What a surprise in October!

This is just the first day of October.

This time the Republicans blew themselves up.

In the election of two elderly people, one of them was diagnosed with infection, and now everyone is looking at the other.

If Biden had been a healthy man before, the debate would have been his feast.

In the first debate, the two presidential candidates and the host, all three of them, were not wearing masks. They were spitting at each other

A solemn and stirring atmosphere of looking at death as if you were returning suddenly came into being. Ha ha ha.

I want to understand that Wang, such a smart businessman, can immediately come up with a solution when his brain and eyes turn so fast.

The first is to play the game of emotion

The second set is high-level play. The script is like this: pretend to be infected u2192 can be cured u2192 new crown is not enough for fear u2192 pandemic flu only u2192 economy can be restarted u2192 support rate soars u2192 re-election is successful

A rehabilitation will certainly market a wave of their own is the son of God, the beloved of God.

No matter which move you use, as long as you dont die, you can turn passivity into initiative, disturb your opponents plan, and accumulate your own strength. Gao!

Understand Wang now really can say: no one knows the new crown better than me.

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