This Chinas bright name card, Xi Jinping repeatedly praised.

 This Chinas bright name card, Xi Jinping repeatedly praised.

Adhering to the development concept of the core technology must be grasped in ones own hands, Chinas high-speed railway is running at a new speed in the new era, realizing the role transformation from pursuer to leader, providing the first guarantee for building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, and becoming a bright card representing Chinas image.

On June 2018, President Xi Jinping and President Putin took the high speed rail to Tianjin to attend Sino Russian friendly exchanges. At 300 km / h, Putins tea cup did not move.

The Beijing Zhangjiakou Railway, the first intelligent high-speed railway in China, has a speed of 350 km / h.

On December 30, 2019, Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway will be put into operation. Xi Jinping made important instructions: in 1909, the Beijing Zhangzhou railway was completed; in 2019, Beijing Zhangzhou high speed rail transit vehicle. From the breakthrough of independent design and construction to the worlds most advanced level, from 35 km / h to 350 km / h, Beijing Zhangjiakou Railway has witnessed the development of Chinas railways and the leap of Chinas comprehensive national strength. Looking back at the history of 100 years, I feel that the Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway is of great significance.

Intellectualization is the highlight of Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway. Relying on the construction of Beijing Zhangjiakou high-speed railway, China will further form the application demonstration scheme of intelligent high-speed rail, construct the technical standard system of intelligent high-speed rail, and become the worlds leading intelligent high-speed rail application country.

At 9:28 on September 27, d9558 EMU left Qingyuan railway station in Lishui, Zhejiang Province in the sound of siren, and the Quzhou Ningde railway was opened for operation.

Our yangbei village is only a few hundred meters away from the railway station. When the train comes, the agricultural products in our village will be better sold. The business of farmhouse stay in the village must be good. On that day, Qingyuan resident Yang chuanzong and many of his fellow villagers arrived at the scene early to witness the historic moment.

Quzhou and Nanping, the starting stations of quning railway, are respectively connected with Shanghai Kunming high-speed railway and Hefei Fuzhou high-speed railway, an important part of the eight vertical and eight horizontal high-speed railway. The opening of quning railway has further improved the regional road network structure and facilitated the travel of the masses and the circulation of goods.

In July 2015, Xi Jinping inspects the Limited by Share Ltd of China Railway Changchun rail passenger car, saying that in the past two years, he has gone to many countries, and one of the most cooperative projects is high speed rail. As a bright business card of China, high-speed rail cars reflect the level of Chinas equipment manufacturing industry.

On January 21, 2016, President Xi Jinping sent congratulations to Indonesian President Djoko on congratulations on the construction of the Jakarta Wan long high speed rail project.

The high speed rail City linking one belt, one road to another, is the fourth largest city of Jakarta. After completion and opening to traffic, the running time of the train from Jakarta to Bandung will be shortened from more than three hours now to 40 minutes.

One belt, one road, Chinas air plant is being built in China, and more and more Chinese railways are taking root in the Americas, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. While promoting connectivity between countries, Chinas high-speed rail also breaks barriers between more regions and connects them more closely.

Enter a new era, run new speed. Chinas high-speed rail will overcome difficulties and forge ahead all the way to make this bright China business card brighter.