A road in Guizhou is said to have held a traffic opening ceremony before its completion

 A road in Guizhou is said to have held a traffic opening ceremony before its completion

On September 29, after the opening ceremony of Kaidu Avenue, the local people drove to experience it one after another, but then they called out cheated. According to the netizens introduction to Mr. Xiang, when his friend heard that there was a shorter way to go from Guiyang to Kaili, he took the Xiamen Chengdu expressway, and then took the Kaidu avenue to Kaili at Duyun. However, the road was not smooth and did not reach Kaili until about 8:00 p.m.

Part of Kaidu Avenue is still under construction Oct. 2 photo source: China News

At noon on October 2, a large number of roadblocks blocked the way to the main road of Kaidu Avenue at the intersection of the lower line of Shuli village in Xiasi town of Kaili City and the level crossing of Kaidu Avenue, China News reported. On the road, there are also warning signs and guide signs. The information on the notice board shows that the road facilities are not perfect and vehicles need to be cautious; some roads are under construction, and the right road is closed In addition, the main road of several sections of the road is in a closed state. Although the auxiliary road can pass through, it has not been paved with asphalt. There are sand piles, bricks and other building materials on the road, and construction personnel are working on the road.

Since the road is still under construction, why hold the opening ceremony? On October 3, staff of Kaili Transportation Bureau office told Kaiping news reporter that the main project construction of Kaidu Avenue has been completed, and technical opening has been realized.

The staff member stressed that the opening ceremony does not mean the completion of the project. It is normal to report on the landmark projects (such as bridge closure) in important projects. Because it is the completion of a landmark project (bridge closure), it is not considered that the project is fully completed. Therefore, it is misunderstood that some people equate the opening ceremony of Kaidu Avenue with the completion of Kaidu Avenue Project.

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