On the way back home from business trip, the man took 361 photos of vehicle violation to report to the high-speed traffic police

 On the way back home from business trip, the man took 361 photos of vehicle violation to report to the high-speed traffic police

According to the inquiry, Mr. Li is from Changyuan. He went to Chengdu for a business trip with two colleagues. On October 1, he found that many drivers who did not comply with the traffic regulations occupied the emergency Lane because of the large traffic flow. Both uncivilized and seriously affected the normal passage of rescue vehicles in the rear, so Mr. Li and his colleagues photographed all the vehicles illegally occupying the emergency lane.

I was in the front passengers seat to take pictures, my colleague was in the back seat and videotaped, and one of my colleagues was driving. Mr. Li said, the emergency lane is a special channel for rescue, and it is a passage for life at a critical moment. If these vehicles illegally occupy it, they should pay the price!

It is understood that after the high-speed traffic police sent the report box to Mr. Li, Mr. Li sorted out the illegal vehicle information taken by him overnight, named each photo with the license plate number, and marked the approximate address of the vehicles violation, and transmitted the photo information of the illegal vehicle to the mailbox provided by the police at about 10:00 p.m. on October 1.

When asked why he wanted to do so, Mr. Li said frankly that he wanted to remind everyone not to break the law, drive in accordance with the regulations, be a civilized traffic participant and transmit positive energy by reporting his illegal occupation of the emergency lane.

The high-speed traffic police remind the majority of drivers that when driving on the high-speed, they must drive in accordance with the regulations and do not occupy the emergency lane. Due to the large traffic flow during the double festival period, even in case of congestion, they should wait patiently for driving according to the regulations, and call 110 for help in case of emergency.

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legendary operation! 361 photos of vehicle violation were taken on the way back home, and 36 people were fined by traffic police after receiving the report (source: original)

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