Revision of the law on prevention and control of infectious diseases

 Revision of the law on prevention and control of infectious diseases

The main contents of the revision are as follows:

uff081uff09 To improve the legislative purpose, we will adhere to the overall national security concept and safeguard peoples life safety and health into the law. We should adhere to the principles of government led, prevention and control according to law, scientific prevention and control, joint prevention and control, and mass prevention and control.

uff082uff09 We should build and improve the leadership system and mechanism of infectious disease prevention and control, establish joint prevention and control mechanism, and further strengthen the responsibility of the four parties.

uff083uff09 We will improve the classification system of infectious diseases. The characteristics of class A, B and C infectious diseases are clarified, and different provisions are made for different categories of infectious diseases in terms of monitoring scope, reporting subject and reporting time limit, so as to further highlight the key points and embody the concept of classified management.

uff084uff09 Focus on the prevention and control of unexplained clustering diseases. On the basis of the legal infectious diseases of class A, B and C, we should add diseases of unknown origin with epidemic characteristics of infectious diseases, and further improve the targeted measures in reporting and control.

uff086uff09 We will improve the early warning system for infectious diseases. Disease control institutions at all levels shall issue health risk tips according to the multi-channel infectious disease monitoring information and risk assessment results, and put forward early warning suggestions to the health and health authorities at the same level. The health and health authorities shall organize the assessment and put forward suggestions to the peoples governments at the same level. The peoples governments at or above the county level shall decide to issue early warning and initiate emergency response.

uff087uff09 We will improve the reporting system for infectious diseases. Clarify the reporting responsibility and time limit requirements of various organizations at all levels, and establish the reporting reward and responsibility exemption system.

uff089uff09 Improve the prevention and control measures. We will refine the relevant provisions on classification, stratification and diversion of treatment, increase the public security, industry and information technology, transportation and other departments to cooperate with the disease control departments to carry out the responsibility of flow dispatching, strengthen the role of big data and other technical means, and increase the relevant provisions of accurate prevention and control by division and classification.

uff0810uff09 We will improve the construction of infectious disease treatment network. We should build a comprehensive treatment system combining peacetime and wartime, raise the construction of shelter hospital and other successful practices into legal provisions, and give full play to the role of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of infectious diseases.

uff0811uff09 We will strengthen the protection of infectious disease prevention and control system. To clarify the payment and bearing rules of infectious disease treatment related expenses, and establish emergency supplies and capacity reserve system.

uff0812uff09 We should increase the punishment of related illegal acts and increase the punishment provisions for individuals and units who do not cooperate in the implementation of infectious disease prevention and control measures.