Looking at skyscraper from Yang Ying: the world kisses me with pain, but I repay it with song

 Looking at skyscraper from Yang Ying: the world kisses me with pain, but I repay it with song


In skyscraper, these characters appear: the mysterious building security guard Xie Paolo, the cheating phoenix male architect Lin Dasen, the abnormal real estate agent Lin Mengyu, the perfect nanny Ye Meili, the writer Wu Mingyue in a trance, Ding Xiaoling, Li Moli living in the shadow of patriarchy, Yan Yongyuan, the stepfather of Zhong Meibao, and his half brother Yan Jun. They are more or less related to Zhong Meibao. In their eyes, Zhong Meibao is different. These unknown secrets are also the most secret truth between people.


Its urgent to find out the real culprit. But what kind of person is Zhong Meibao? In this way, we saw the familiar and unfamiliar Zhong Meibao. Although it is said that every family has a difficult book to read. But Zhong Meibaos life is also too difficult, too difficult. The woman, she came from the dark and left from the darkness. This is the whole course of her life and the meaning of her coming to this world. After thinking about it, what a sad ending it should be. Fortunately, there is the friendship of sisters - only warmth.

After repressing for so many years and suffering so much harm, Zhong Meibao chose to give up revenge at the last moment. Although, this also brings about the death disaster. But she finally made peace with the world. The hatred in her heart was relieved to the greatest extent. Instead, the baptism of death. Cant bear to, she just left. But no one reached out to hold on, at that time, no one could do anything about it. If Zhong Meibao really starts with his stepfather, then peoples emotional tendency is definitely not like this. Unfortunately, pay the price of death.



Zhong Meibao, let me think of a proper sentence. Selected from the great poet Tagores collection of birds, verse 167, which reads: the world kisses me with pain and asks me to repay it with songs. It means: the world has brought us suffering and suffering, we have been hurt and hurt in some things. We can only take these sufferings as opportunities to experience and grow up, and face them with a positive and sunny attitude. Slowly experience this painful kiss, still believe that everything is beautiful. In the process of understanding, we should continue to carry on the burden and make ourselves perfect and mature.


Dear Zhong Meibao, are you like this?