China Eastern Airlines is crushed and killed by a tractor: who lives on earth is not a thorn

 China Eastern Airlines is crushed and killed by a tractor: who lives on earth is not a thorn

eparation between loved ones in life or death

Its unbearable

Recently, there was a news that didnt attract much attention.

Its a sad story, like the cool weather in Shanghai in September.

In Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, the maintenance Xiao Liu (pseudonym) does daily inspection on the runway.

But Xiao Liu always comforts the family: dont worry, its safe, wait for me to come back.

Thousands of days and nights, Xiao Liu always dragged his tired body home.

But today everything has changed.

During the operation, Xiao Liu was run over by the tractor of the airport on the runway. He died after being sent to the hospital.

The family only saw the cold body of Xiao Liu, as well as the work clothes with blood stains left behind.

It can be imagined that Xiao Lius relatives are more sad. It must be a heartrending pain.

Isnt it the International Airport with the highest safety factor? How could such an accident happen?

The cause of the accident remains to be investigated, hoping to find out and comfort the dead.

But in any case, life is only once, lost will never go back.

Xi Murong said: we have never noticed that the spring and Autumn period has disappeared, and we do not believe that those who have vowed not to separate will one day become a spring and autumn, close to the horizon.

An accident makes life as light as a feather, but leaves a heavy burden of Mount Tai to their families.

At this time, we really understand that sentence: parting in life and death, for anyone, is the unbearable weight of life.


You think its gorgeous

Actually humble to the soil

In our imagination, airlines are tall.

Whether its a handsome and compelling pilot or a sexy and charming stewardess, they are so gorgeous.

But who knows, behind every flight, there are thousands of maintenance, ground crew and security personnel like Xiao Liu.

We usually cant see them, but they are quietly guarding our safety behind their backs.

When the runway is broken, they have to repair it as soon as possible. When it snows heavily, they have to clean it up as soon as possible. When they encounter passengers with bad temper, they have to pay all kinds of smiles and be careful.

When luck is bad, even health and life are not guaranteed.

And what are their salaries? You think its high, but its too low for you to imagine.

In Shanghai, the official ground service is 3000-4000, depending on the position. The security personnel are 1500-2000 in China, 3000 in international and 4000 in formal contract workers.

These are the brilliant aviation practitioners in our eyes, who have already lived humble to the soil.

Do you think they are willing to do such a job?

Who would like to smile in front of people, sad after people?

Who would like to sleep in the open air, 996?

No one can get rid of trouble and pressure, how many people smile calmly, in fact, the heart has already been full of holes.

However, this is life. When we are wronged, we should try our best to live.

In the adult world, who is not holding an umbrella and running at the same time?

In order to live, there is no way!


On earth

Who is alive is not a thorn

The day before yesterday, an organization released the employment report of autumn students in 2020, which showed that the average starting salary of the first job of 2020 college graduates was 5290 yuan / month.

Many netizens said that they could not reach the average line.

Yes, there are not many people around us who can make 5000 a month.

But the truth is:

Countless ordinary people, do not like the work, shoulder far more than the ability to bear the pressure, but is to survive.

In the world, who is alive is not a thorn!

For example, a delivery boy with a baby on his back. Semi old motorcycles, carrying life and the future, must be very heavy.

A couple of young couples working in the city, just finished two people disheartened. Standing next to the woman, the man glanced at his tired wife, instantly red eyes, quickly turned his head, and stifled his tears back.

On the last bus at 10 oclock in the night, a white-collar was celebrating his birthday alone, eating cake and wiping tears.

In the taxi, a man opened the message of hair hunting with expectation. It says: I just received a message that programmers over 35 years old are not in the companys recruitment scope.

He looked out of the window confused and anxious, not knowing where he was going or how to face the family.

Get up at 3 oclock every day to prepare syrup, and dont go home until 10 oclock every night.

She sighed, I didnt expect that it was so hard to make sugar water.

In the busy banquet hall, the rich are celebrating their childrens birthday, while a clown is sitting in a corner. Behind the colorful pigments, there is a tired soul. He also has children and wants to have a warm birthday for them.

In order to do so, he has to work hard to please everyone.

We all thought that we were a spray. We thought that as long as we worked hard, we would have our own small fortune.

However, life is far more cruel than we think, we try our best to earn decent, in an instant it will disappear.

Ive met young rich people who have 400 buildings in their hands. They can earn money every day and enjoy their lives all their lives just because of the rent.

Ive also seen too many young people who have worked so hard that they cant afford to buy a house and live in a small house for generations to come.

Im not saying that the rich shouldnt have money, thats their skill.

There is a line in Infernal Affairs: killing people and setting fire to gold belts, repairing bridges and repairing roads. There is no body in this world.

This is not the world.


There are cracks in everything

In the face of the hardship of life and the great pressure, what should we do?

Giving up is not the way, and escaping is useless.

There are only two kinds. One is continuous efforts. The other is that when facing injustice, we should unite together, fight together, shoulder together, and challenge the unfair world together.

Suffering is never praiseworthy, only through suffering can we see that the sky is clear and the wind is light.

As Haruki Murakami said in Kafka by the sea: when the storm is over, you wont remember how you survived. Youre not even sure the storm is over. But one thing is certain: when you get through the storm, you are no longer the same person.

Maybe we are just ordinary people all our lives, but at least we will not let our children live in despair.

The ups and downs of life are unpredictable. Never give up the yearning for beauty and the pursuit of happiness.

Perhaps we will eventually become vicissitudes in our daily life, but as long as there is light in our hearts, we can see the direction even in the cold night.

There are cracks in everything. As long as you have hope, that is where light comes in.