Zhao Wei talks about 40 +: all actresses are hard to get ahead. Where are the girls

 Zhao Wei talks about 40 +: all actresses are hard to get ahead. Where are the girls

Zhao Wei, I talked about 30 +. Women, its hard not to focus on age. But is this a mistake? no, it isnt. Its just in front of us, such an indisputable fact. Zhao Wei said that Chinese women have long changed their family concepts. They know what they want and have their own ideas and opinions about their attitude towards marriage and life. Zhao Weis words speak the voice of most women. She also talked about her views on the current plight of 30 + actors: she said that 30 + is a necessary stage for most women to experience reading, love and marriage, work, etc.


I very much agree that 30 + is a very attractive age. (Wen / Piaoyu Tung) what about 40 +? In actor please be in place, Zhao Wei pointed out: its not the plight of 40 + actresses at all. Its that all female artists are hard to get ahead. Now even womens cosmetics and skin care products have become the voice of boys. Where are the girls? You male directors dont just praise little boys, OK Guo Jingming, who was on the scene, quickly explained that the protagonists of his little times were four women. The four hot movies are all four women.


But can we change the status quo without asking? Although, everyone looked very helpless. At least, there are Zhao Wei, who stand up and speak for the 40 + women bravely. In this way, it also attracts peoples attention - why not? But, along with it, there are more different opinions. Some people even think that Zhao Wei is rubbing against the heat. She, it doesnt have to be. Previously, Haiqing Yao Chen called out in public. Mesozoic actress, cheap and easy to use. The living conditions of 40 + actresses are not ideal, the original situation of actresses is the same!


Take the simplest example, an actress in her thirties can only play the role of a mother. Moreover, the protagonist is basically hopeless. What about actors? In her sixties, she can make love with actresses in her twenties and thirties. Do you say the picture is harmonious? You can only ignore it. After all, age is also the most serious problem that actors dont want to face, if they cant make a name in their youth. The road ahead will be more and more difficult. Actresses will know this unwritten rule from the beginning. Oh, cruel.

No matter how difficult it is, we should strive for a piece of sky belonging to ourselves. Come on, actresses!