Here comes the new iPad air! The old fellow holding iPad Pro 2020 will cry to death?

 Here comes the new iPad air! The old fellow holding iPad Pro 2020 will cry to death?

The iPads product lineup used to be very simple, and consumers just had to choose between size, storage capacity, and color. But since the launch of the smart keyboard and the ill fated 9.7-inch iPad pro in 2016, the number of iPad models has expanded. As of last spring, there were five different iPad models, two different interface types (lightning and usb-c), and even two different types of digital stylus, because the second-generation Apple pencil only works with the newer iPad pro.

Now, with the advent of a redesigned iPad air, the situation is even more confusing. The first question today is: why do consumers buy ipadpro? Pro used to have some privileges, such as the ability to use a smart keyboard and apple pencil, along with a more beautiful borderless display. The advantage of the iPad Pro is only the 120Hz screen and faceid.

The iPad air also starts at a much lower price than the 11 inch iPad pro, which costs $799, and is the first Apple device to feature a new A14 bionic processor. Apple said the iPad airs new chip is 40% better than its previous performance. It is worth noting that A14 bionic chip is a 6-core chip, while a12zbionic is an 8-core chip, which performs better in graphics and computing intensive applications.

By comparing the current two ipadpro and the new iPad air, consumers can get more benefits. Because the former uses a 120Hz screen, the iPad air lacks storage and promotion. But other specifications are roughly the same, plus the A14 bionic chip, so far, the iPad air is a more cost-effective deal for anyone considering buying an iPad pro. (small)