Spain - Su Ya Felix dumb fire Atletico 0-0 Huang Qian meets 2 straight draws

 Spain - Su Ya Felix dumb fire Atletico 0-0 Huang Qian meets 2 straight draws

The seventh minute, Kirk corner ball pass, savage header deviation. The eighth minute, cork points the ball, Suarez advances to the forbidden area front line, the low Shot attacks the goal to deviate the baseline. The first 10 minutes, tripier inverted triangle back knock, Suarez stab shot was blocked by Albiol. The first 19 minutes, Gaspar outside the restricted area long-range attack by obrac struggling to save.

In the second half, the two teams changed sides to fight again. In the 50th minute, Gaspar received Morenos pass and then volleyed to attack the door, which was blocked by obrac. The 59th minute, Lodi long-range shot higher than the beam. In the 62nd minute, Lodi swept to the door like a shot and was caught by Arsenio. The first 64 minutes, tregros long-range shot out of the baseline. The 65th minute, Saur hits the top of the arc, Suarez volleys volley kicks the deviation.

The 73rd minute, Atletico corner ball pass, luerente against the ball to attack the goal was blocked by the defensive player. The 80 th minute, the luerente points the ball to the forbidden area, Diego - Costa strong shot attack goal was blocked by Arsenio. The 83rd minute, Thomas receives the ereira pass, starts the foot to attack the goal to be blocked. In the second minute of stoppage time, kalasco passed the ball to the top of the arc, and luerentes strong shot was blocked out. In the end, the two teams drew 0-0.

Atletico Atletico (442): 13 - obulac / 12 - Lodi, 18 - Felipe, 15 - savage, 23 - tripier / 6 - Kirk (7021 - karasko), 8 - Sauer, 5 - Thomas, 10 - Correa (7014 - Marcos - Lorente) / 7 - Felix (7616 - Hector - ereira), 9 - Suarez (7019 - Diego Costa)

Villarreal (4141): 1-arsenio / 15-esteppian, 4-pao-torres, 3-albiol, 2-gaspar / 10-evola / 23-moi-gomes, 5-parejo, 14-tregros (8516-jubaojianying), 7-gerald-moreno / 17-paco (7211-chukouze)

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