4-1 volley of haddock

 4-1 volley of haddock

In the 25th minute, Royce points the ball on the right side, and Munier returns. Royce passes the ball from the bottom, and the ball is blocked by the visiting teams guard, and is removed by Freiburg goalkeeper F. Muller. In the 28th minute, Bellingham turned to get rid of the opponents close defense, and then shot his right foot over the crossbar.

The first 31 minutes, Freiburg backcourt dribble is broken by Royce, Reina after the ball sent straight, harand forward into the forbidden area left foot push far angle score, 1-0.

In the first half, DORT led Freiburg 1-0 with Harlands goal.

The 49th minute, wittsel forbidden area middle left foot push shot, the ball was Muller fell to the ground to embrace. Three minutes later, wittsell received a team-mate in the middle of the forbidden area to push and shoot from the right. The first 64 minutes, Reina left-wing cross, Royce header slightly higher than the beam.

The 66th minute, Reina starts to take the ball in the front court midfield, then sends the straight plug, harand inserts into the forbidden area, after the left foot vigorously volleys the goal, 3-0.

The first 78 minutes, harand restricted area outside the left foot volley hit the side net.

In the second minute of stoppage injury time, DORT counterattacked, harand drove straight in with the ball, and hit Muller on the right side behind the forbidden area. The defenceless paslac easily pushed the goal, 4-0.

Starting Line-up:

Dortmund: 35 Hitz, 24 Munier (8430-paslac), 13 Guerrero (8414-schultz), 15 humels, 16 akangi, 23 Jan, 28 wittsell, 22 Bellingham (706-delaney), 32 Reiner (8020-rene), 11 Royce (7019-brant), 9-harland Freiburg: 21-f. Muller, 3-linhart, 5-gould (55 Schlotbeck, 7-schmid (8417-trabler), 8-saint Maria, 9-lucas, 18 Peterson (5528-quan Changxun), 22 sholloy (5532-griff), 23 Heinz, 27 Heller (5531-zheng Youying), 30 jingtel. Source: Xu Zexin, responsible editor of Netease Sports_ BJS4919