Double Festival Holiday Express is too hard: hairy crabs take special plane to pick up moon cakes at home

 Double Festival Holiday Express is too hard: hairy crabs take special plane to pick up moon cakes at home

The growing demand for moon cakes, hairy crabs and gift certificates, which are essential for the Mid Autumn Festival, has led to a small peak of express logistics business in recent days.

Chinas e-commerce logistics operation index in September 2020 released by China Federation of logistics and purchasing was 110.4 points, 1.2 points higher than the previous month, reaching a new high since the beginning of the year. China Federation of things pointed out that with the approaching of the Mid Autumn Festival and national day, gift consumption and tourism related e-commerce consumption have been released. In September, the national e-commerce logistics demand maintained a strong growth, the total business volume index rebounded for two consecutive months, and the total business volume of the four regions achieved balanced growth.

According to the consumption data of major e-commerce platforms, there is a strong demand for e-commerce such as moon cakes, hairy crabs and gift certificates this year.

Statistics from Jingdong show that since autumn, the sales of moon cakes on Jingdong e-commerce platform have increased by 135% compared with that before the Mid Autumn Festival last year, recording the highest increase in recent years. Sales of moon cakes rose 240% on the eve of the Mid Autumn Festival compared with the same period before last year, according to Jingdongs home consumption data.

In addition to the popularity of moon cakes, hairy crabs have also become an indispensable part of the dinner table for the double festival reunion. Hairy crabs from the Great Lakes of China have reached the table of millions of families through major e-commerce platforms. At the end of September, a week after Yangcheng Lake opened to the market, the sales of hairy crabs on Jingdongs home platform rose 80% over the same period last year. On Jingdong platform, in addition to the crabs from Yangcheng Lake and Xinghua in Jiangsu Province, the growth of Panjin, Huanghekou and Weishan Lake is the most prominent this year, with the sales volume increasing more than 300% month on month.

Many consumer coupons also showed a significant growth, contributing to a large number of orders. According to data from Jingdong platform, sales of crab coupons increased by 34% compared with last years Mid Autumn Festival.

In order to cope with this years Mid Autumn Festival + National Day overlapping peak test, to ensure the surge of order distribution during the double festival this year, express logistics enterprises also put forward targeted solutions.

For example, Shunfeng has deployed 20 full cargo planes to escort hairy crabs and provide special marks for the packaging of hairy crabs, so as to accurately identify the hairy crabs in all links and realize the VIP channel of the whole process of collection, transfer, transportation and distribution, so as to ensure that the hairy crabs can be served on the National Consumers table in time during the double festival. At the same time, Shunfeng also launched a cold chain delivery solution for fresh food such as Inner Mongolia beef and mutton, Turpan grapes, etc.

Jingdong express put the collection point of moon cakes in advance to the entrance of the high-risk scene such as communities, supermarkets and hotels to get through the first 100 meters of moon cake delivery. Xiao Li, the younger brother of Jingdong express in Guangzhou, said that recently, he set up a collection point at the door of the community to receive dozens of express moon cake lists every day, many of which were sent by customers to distant relatives and friends.

In terms of the same city, dada express, a local instant delivery platform of dada group, conducts a comprehensive analysis on the order data before and after the double festival in previous years through the intelligent logistics system and the sky big data platform, so as to predict the user demand and distribution peak value in advance. For the cities with rapid growth of single volume forecast, the transportation capacity should be allocated in advance to actively respond to the immediate needs of users.

This years traditional Mid Autumn Festival plus the National Day holiday, a large number of goods need to be delivered before the festival. The delivery time left for express logistics is more urgent and concentrated than in previous years. The front-line employees feel obviously the growth of business volume and the pressure of distribution.

According to a Shunfeng express in Xuhui District of Shanghai, the two weeks before the Mid Autumn Festival are the busiest time for them. The number of items collected and received is more than twice that of normal times. In addition to the growth of some documents, there are also large packages such as moon cakes and fruit gift boxes.

Jiangsu Shentong express a network head said that the recent package month on month rise, and every day in the rise, the network is very busy. An official in charge of Sichuan Zhongtong express told the interface reporter that the business volume of outlets increased sharply on the eve of the double festival this year, up about 30% compared with last year, of which the growth was mainly from festival gifts such as moon cakes. However, this has also led to the rise in labor and transportation costs, coupled with low distribution fees, but not comfortable..

For express logistics industry, these also become the signal of peak season.