Golden Week 5g mobile phone helps you choose: wait for apple? Thousand yuan machine fragrance?

 Golden Week 5g mobile phone helps you choose: wait for apple? Thousand yuan machine fragrance?

High end market:

5g is the mainstream, but two new heavyweight machines have not yet appeared

In the second half of 2019, a number of 5g mobile phones that have been launched in succession are basically upgraded on the basis of 4G flagship models (such as Huawei mate20x, Xiaomi 9pro, etc.).

In 2020, the high-end mobile phone series of major manufacturers have basically realized the first launch of 5g products, and these models almost no longer provide 4G version. As a result, 5g offers far more options than 4G for budget conscious users. Above 4000 yuan, there are Huaweis mate 30 and P40 series, Xiaomis Xiaomi 10 series, oppos findx2 series, Samsungs Galaxy note 20 series and S20 series.

However, in the golden week, there are still many users are holding money waiting for the two mobile phones to come into the market. One is the mate40 series released by Huawei in the second half of the year according to its usual meeting; the other is the iPhone 12 series, which Apple missed on September 16. The former is one of Huaweis two flagship brands. Last year, the mate305g series has obtained good market feedback. According to the science and technology blogger, the mate40 series will have four models, namely mate 40, mate 40 pro, mate 40 PRO + and mate 40 rs. the Kirin 9000 chip will adopt 5nn process, and 5g baseband will be directly integrated into the chip, which can achieve lower power consumption and save internal space.

As for the first generation of iPhone to support 5g that apple is about to release, there are three sizes and four models to choose from, including 5.4-inch iPhone 12, 6.1-inch iPhone 12max, 6.1-inch iPhone 12pro and 6.8-inch iPhone 12promax. All four models will use OLED screens, start with 128GB storage, and support dual-mode 5g.

According to reports, both the mate 40 series and the iPhone 12 will be released in October, which means that the two highly anticipated new products may be on the market in the same period and face to face.

Mid Market:

The difference is obvious, and the performance of iron triangle and thin camera has its own emphasis

After the cultivation and penetration of the market in the first half of 2020, there are many new 5g mobile phones available in the mid end market. However, compared with the flagship model, each major manufacturer will pile up the best configuration to show muscle to the market, and the middle end market will test the knife method of the manufacturers product team.

If you often run large-scale software and large-scale games on your mobile phone, you can choose a model with more powerful chip performance and faster memory speed. At present, there is a performance iron triangle on the market, which refers to the combination of high pass snapdragon 865 processor, lpddr5 memory and ufs3.1 flash memory. When purchasing mobile phones, consumers can focus on whether the three are compatible.

Among the many mobile phone brands owned by mainstream manufacturers, such Internet brands as Huaweis glory, Xiaomis redmi, oppos realme and vivos iqoo will be more outstanding in terms of cost performance. For users who are particularly concerned about game performance, they can also choose special mobile game brands such as poco and black shark.

However, for the users whose main use scenarios are only to brush the drama and buy shopping, the performance requirements of mobile phones can be appropriately relaxed, and the models with fashionable appearance, light hand feel and good-looking photos can be selected. In this regard, Huaweis Nova brand, oppos Reno series and vivos s s series have made unique explorations in the differentiation experience.

In the process of purchasing 5g mobile phones at the price of 2000-4000, what consumers should do most is to carefully review their daily use scenarios and needs, select the suitable model for them, and spend as much money as possible on the places they most want to experience under the limited budget.

Entry market:

At the beginning of September, realmev3 of oppos Internet brand realmev3 was officially put on sale. The lowest price of the 6GB + 64GB version was 999 yuan, becoming the first 5g mobile phone to be sold under 1000 yuan, while the top 8GB + 128GB version was only 1599 yuan. Previously, Xiaomi redmi also launched a 10x with a starting price of 1599 yuan, and Huawei glory also had a X10 with a starting price of 1899 yuan. 5g mobile phones with less than 2000 yuan are not rare. 5g mobile phones below 1000 yuan are expected to be listed in the second half of this year. Consumers who want to have a taste of it can already choose.

However, because 5g itself means taking up part of the cost, the 5g mobile phone with a thousand yuan or so will have different degrees of shrinkage compared with the 4G mobile phone at the same price. However, there is not much space left for downscaling of mobile phones at this price. Therefore, it is not recommended that users who do not have much demand for 5g mobile phones should start with too cheap 5g mobile phones at this time point because of tasting fresh.

On the one hand, the 5g package cost of more than 100 yuan per month is not a small expense. On the other hand, although the three major operators have achieved 5g commercial use in cities above prefecture level in China within this year, however, in terms of coverage density, especially in low-line cities, it still needs a long time to gradually improve.

In terms of 5g package selection, consumers can enjoy 5g basic services as long as they purchase 5g mobile phones. The speed is lower than 5g package users, but faster than the current 4G network speed. According to the policy of the three operators, users can use 5g without changing cards, numbers and packages. Therefore, users who are more sensitive to tariff can decide whether to change 5g package or continue to use original 4G package according to their own situation.

Since 5g has been put into commercial use for nearly a year, the starting price of the package has been relaxed from the initial 128 / 129 yuan, but the package discount generally has a certain contract period. Beijing Mobiles customer service previously told shell finance reporter of Beijing news that if a one-year contract is signed for the 128 yuan 5g package, the price of the package after discount is 90 yuan per month, including 20GB of traffic and 30GB of calls. Beijing Telecoms customer service said that 100 yuan is pre deposited for 24 months, and the original price is 129 yuan. The price of 5g package after discount is 103 yuan per month, including 30GB traffic and 500 minutes of call. Beijing Unicom also offered package discounts in June, but when a reporter called again a few days ago, it was told that there was no discount.

Shell finance reporter of Beijing News promises editor Xu Chao proofread Li Xiangling