New trend evolution of Paris Fashion Week in post epidemic Era

 New trend evolution of Paris Fashion Week in post epidemic Era

Under the influence of the epidemic, Maria, the creative director of Dior, has made a new thinking on the fashion trend. This time, Maria completely subverts the classic way and reinterprets the Dior profile inherited so far, showing a sense of tension and contradiction. With the idea of tailoring, the designer redefines the silhouette, activates the sensory experience, and brings about a new way of life.

Rick Owenss spring and summer 2021 series is also a reflection on the era of the epidemic. The girls on the show have become female soldiers returning from the future, which is very cool. The mask became one of the important accessories for the models.

The design of the shoulder is exaggerated, or it is widened and thickened, or extended upward and outward, forming a kind of armor like momentum. It has a kind of power of future soldiers.

Yohjiyama moto 2021 spring and summer series deduces the purity of black and white. Irregular cutting, splicing and deconstruction are used to express the sense of space in multiple levels. Folds, drapes, twisted copper wire cages and suspended leaf like layers are like withered flowers, which vividly depict the outline of women and express the poetic expression of extreme romance.

Isabel marant 2021 spring and summer series is inspired by the retro French cool girl style, inspired by the dance floor. The bright pink and purple tone runs through the whole process. The reflective metal fabric, smooth and atmospheric silhouette, large area flower pattern, are free, comfortable and have a tone.

Source: Netease fashion editor: Pan Jingxian_ NQ0184