What kind of man can bring a woman a happy life? This is the only one

 What kind of man can bring a woman a happy life? This is the only one

The man that a woman wants to find all her life is not the so-called great wealth, but a little feeling in her heart. To be exact, a woman is an emotional animal.

No matter how rich you are, if you dont try to pay, she will gradually alienate you.

Just because she didnt see you care.

Mingyi thinks that all the festivals are not in the diary of the man, certainly also did not put this woman in the heart.

So, what kind of man can bring a woman a sense of life happiness?

Mingyi believes that there is only one man who can make a woman feel happy all her life.

That is, to keep everything in mind.

What she said may not be correct, but at least he remembered it. Occasionally, she would feel happy because this man remembered my words.

What she did may not win the hearts of the people, but at least he accepted it, talked about it, she would feel happy, even if thousands of people opposed, at least in his heart, you are still so precious.

Her birthday, all festivals, can not spend money, but must remember that the relationship between romance and money is very small, and the relationship between love and not love is very big, smart women all know this, ask, a man who even does not remember your birthday, still talk about love you?

So frog girl, Mingyis suggestion is: its better to learn to let go, give each other some distance and space, think about it carefully, are you together because of age, or because of love? Its not that you love him, you have to accept his negligence, and its not because he has better conditions than you can accuse you of affectation. Looking for a man who makes his heart rich is far more happy than material wealth.