The four most famous dreams in history!

 The four most famous dreams in history!

Lu Sheng looked at his clothes in rags and dirty, and sighed with a long sigh that he had failed to achieve his ambition for many years and was in a miserable situation. Lu Weng took the pillow out of his bag and gave it to him. He said, if you pillow my pillow, you can realize your ambition. Lu Sheng turned to sleep on the pillow and dreamt that he was home. He married his wife, became a Jinshi in the imperial examination and became prime minister. Ive been in prison, Ive been dead. After waking up, Lu Sheng found that he was still in the hostel. Lu Weng was sitting beside him. The millet steamed by the owner was not yet ripe, and the things he touched were the same as before. Lu Sheng became anxious and said, is that a dream? Lu Weng said to Lu Sheng, the brilliance of life is nothing but this.

A dream is a metaphor for an unreal dream that cannot be realized.

Jiang yanmengbi

When he was young, Jiang Yan became a famous writer. His poems and articles were highly praised at that time.

Some people say that once Jiang Yan took a nap in yeting. He dreamed that a man who called himself Guo Pu came to him and asked him for a pen. He said, brother Wentong, I have a pen with you for a long time. Now I should be able to return it to me.

Jiang Yan listened and took out a five color pen from his arms and returned it to him. It is said that since then, Jiang Yans literary thoughts have dried up and he can no longer write any good articles.

Jiang yanmengbi is a metaphor for the decline of talent and thinking.

nanke dream

It is said that there was a man named Chunyu in the Tang Dynasty. One day, on his birthday, he and his friends drank and enjoyed themselves. They helped him to the porch for a nap. In his dream, two envoys in purple asked him to get on the bus and the carriage drove to a hole under the big locust tree.

There is another world in the cave. There are dozens of miles of cars and pedestrians. A prime minister went out to meet him and told him that he would marry the princess and call him his son-in-law.

Chunyuyu was very frightened. He was married to Princess Jinzhi and was appointed prefect of Nanke county.

Chunyumi took office as the logistics administration and loved the people, and managed Nanke County in an orderly way.

At this time, he had five sons and two daughters, a prominent official position and a happy family. Unexpectedly, the kingdom of tanmengluo suddenly invaded, and chunyumo led his troops to resist the enemy, and she was defeated and defeated again and again; Princess Jinzhi died of illness.

Chunyumo returns home, only to see his body sleeping in the corridor, cant help but startled, wake up, and the dream experience seems to have been a whole life.

Chunyumi told the people about his dream. They were very surprised. They all found a big ant hole under the big locust tree. There was a hole leading to the South Branch and a small ant nest. The dream of Nanke county, Huaian country, in fact, it is so!

Nankes dream is to describe a big dream or to describe an empty joy.

Luohanmeng bird

Luo Han, who was erudite and literate in his youth, did not admire honor and profit.

It is said that when he was young, he went to sleep in the daytime and dreamed of a bird flying into the entrance of his mouth. After waking up, he felt as if he had swallowed something in his chest. The uncle said, birds have beautiful literary grace, and you will write articles with literary grace in the future. From then on, Luo Hans literary thinking has been constantly improved.

Luo Hanmeng bird is a metaphor of gifted thinking superman or gorgeous poetry.

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