Im not afraid to start over again. Im afraid I havent experienced it

 Im not afraid to start over again. Im afraid I havent experienced it

This half year has experienced a lot of ups and downs, there have been desperate, there has been confusion, there has been slack, there have been puzzled, now I, is no longer the one I used to be, time taught me a lot, also see a lot, more fortunate is, look down on a lot. Deeply aware of the rapid passage of time, it is difficult to grasp it, but it can be cherished.

I always feel that I may not have much of these gains now, all of which are accumulated by your repeated broadcast, praise and comments, which should not be let down, but should be cherished. Moreover, I also feel that no matter which clients I cooperate with, I always insist on writing warm copywriting. Therefore, I have never felt sorry for anyone. Instead, I should be grateful for your support and understanding without any reward. Therefore, no matter how many years have passed, I will never lose myself because of anything, never, never in the future.

Today, when I was writing the program draft, I learned that the album of double de sunshine on podcast suddenly failed to be searched. After contacting the staff, I found that all the scores and thousands of messages in it were missing. The whole person was in a daze and looked up at todays title Im not afraid to come back again, Im afraid I havent experienced it. I suddenly felt that Some sigh, joking with the staff about their crow mouth, think about this time if you are particularly sad, like some slap in the face, but to tell the truth, really heartache, hit the face, after all, there are a few words you love, cant be traced, how can you not be sad.

But I comfort myself that the matter has come to this point, it seems that I can only accept it. If I cant go back to the past, then I can grasp the future well. Although there are too many unknowns, I understand that in every one of my not giving up, there is your persistence with me, so I will not be afraid.

Sometimes life is a bit unsatisfactory, but if you dont want much, its not too difficult to be simple and happy, isnt it? I hope you can also summon up the courage to try to live it well, come on.