Long distance love not only has bitterness, but also these two benefits that cant be ignored. Dont give up easily

 Long distance love not only has bitterness, but also these two benefits that cant be ignored. Dont give up easily

A girl once told me:

When I was on a business trip in a foreign country, I met a fellow townsman by chance. I was very chatty. The boy was also a capable man, and he was very humorous. He met several times in private and had a good feeling for each other.

Now that I have returned home, he told me on wechat that he liked me very much and wanted to pursue me. He asked me if I would like to be his girlfriend.

Frankly speaking, long-distance love is much more difficult than ordinary love, and foreign love is even more difficult than long-distance love.

If this girl has not confirmed the relationship, rashly agreed to be together, I am not optimistic.


People who are different from their girlfriends may have:

My girlfriend will often make trouble with me on the phone.;

We only meet once a month, so there are too few opportunities to meet.;

I heard my colleagues say that my girlfriend went out with a boy alone and so on.

Therefore, it is even more difficult to start a long-distance relationship before the two parties have confirmed the relationship, and there will be many unknown risks.

Here, Id like to share a point with all the girls. In a relationship that is intended to be based on long-term communication, we should learn to put risk first.

Do you really like me? Are you really after me? Are you really going to have a long-term relationship with me? I am very serious, so please be serious. I dont want to get it wrong.

To put it bluntly, as a girl, dont be afraid to challenge a man.

Before you start a long-distance relationship, you must ask yourself:

Would you like to have a try? Maybe we can only communicate with each other through cold words; maybe we dont have each others company most of the time; maybe we have conflicts and cant solve them face to face; maybe when the mobile phone is out of power, we will cut off all contact; can I accept these?

So if you dont have enough sense of security, really dont try long-distance love, because two peoples long-distance love has been a compromise to reality.

If we dont have enough faith to keep going until we live together again, long-distance love will only consume each others feelings, so its better to be apart and lenient.

After all, the other side is not around, in the face of temptation, will test self-control.

In short, before you start a long-distance relationship, you need to think about these three issues with your partner

First, are we really confident that we can hold on to the end of the long distance? Second, each other can really do, in the face of occasionally into their own life of handsome boys and warm girls, can distinguish what appreciation, what is love? Third, can each other really achieve, even if there is an inner impulse, can also control the behavior?


If it is a long-distance relationship, there are three things you can do before ending the long-distance relationship:

1. The maintenance frequency setting of long distance relationship.

Generally speaking, we think long distance relationship should be contact every day.

Try to contact each other every day. Is the contact information by telephone? Or video?

This depends on their own hobbies, two people can decide their contact information according to their preferences.

Pure text communication is more prone to contradictions and misunderstandings, so there should be some fixed time for video chat.

Because video chat can feel the other partys mood and tone, which is better than text communication.

When contacting, besides chatting about their daily life, its better to have one thing that two people can participate in together.

For example: two people play a game together;

Or they read the same book together;

2. Boys should be considerate of girls and take the initiative to see more girls. Go to the place where the girls are, accompany the girls more, improve the emotional concentration, and give the girls more sense of security.

For example, girls menstrual pain is very uncomfortable, to go to the hospital, this time to call each other, the other can only comfort themselves, but can not send themselves to the hospital.

At this time, girls often feel very sad, and the other party will feel that they are useless, because they can not help.

At this time, everyone needs to have the ability to handle things independently, and also need to realize the comfort of each other, which is also a kind of love.

From time to time, give some snack gifts that can be shared, such as independently packaged biscuits, so as to facilitate each other to scatter dog food;

Of course, you can also ask the other party to send some flowers or order a takeaway.

Social software often interacts with each other, showing love from time to time, increasing happiness, while letting people around know that each other exists, and feeling very good.

You can choose to give a short call when you have a friend or colleague present.

Let the other person feel that they are valued, even in doing other things will also think of themselves.

Open your itinerary, every place you go and who you are with.

Especially the opposite sex, it is best to report in time or in advance, which can give the other party a sense of security.


I have always believed that there is a parallel universe in this world.

Imagine: when we make a choice, there are countless choices happening at the same time.

How can long distance lovers find the way to get together through the right choice?

It has to be said that the only possibility of success is to end the offsite.

For the end of remote, here are two specific operation suggestions:

1. Two people need to work together to draw a blueprint for the future together.

2. Be sure to implement the blueprint of two people. Set a time node for two peoples blueprints, and then arrange them in reverse.

Because when two people encounter difficulties in their relationship, if the woman is in a foreign country, it will be difficult to seek support from relatives and friends, which will easily lead to no way to appeal and encounter deeper setbacks.

Long distance love is very hard, but it also has a good side.

First, it can exercise a persons ability to face emotional crisis.

Because in a different place, two peoples problems can be infinitely magnified, cold words, no answer at the end of the phone, powerless care and no common topic.

If a long-distance relationship cant beat a person, then the TA must become stronger.

Second, make each other better.

If two people live together at ease, it will be easy to lose the fighting spirit and the desire to explore a larger world

The other is to give two people a sense of urgency, let both sides strive for the goal of together.

The terrible thing is not long-distance love, but two people dont believe each other can do it.

As for long-distance love, I think I have talked enough. The solution is still that two people can get together.

May the lovers in the world get married and everyone will wait for the TA. come on.

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