Thanks to the leaders for being beaten in the face and giving gifts with low hands at dinner, the experts all know these three skills

 Thanks to the leaders for being beaten in the face and giving gifts with low hands at dinner, the experts all know these three skills

Domestic workplace, after all, is human society, gift giving is also a knowledge. Here, we strongly oppose and despise that kind of bribe style gift giving. This article only describes the worldly sophistication and reciprocity in the workplace and shopping malls, which can not only express gratitude, but also promote feelings, but also increase contacts. Therefore, there are also skills in entertaining and giving gifts and being human and doing things. In the above cases, thanks to the leaders (gifts) for being slapped in the face at the dinner, and giving gifts with low hands is not flattering. The experts all know these three skills to achieve double in place of feelings and contacts.

u30101u3011 People who cant send money and cards should know how to give each other face.

Some people behave more in accordance with the bottom line and principles, generally do not accept other peoples money and cards. If you want to express your gratitude to such a noble person, you should be good at giving face to the other party. This kind of person is not poor in money, is upright, good face, makes friends.

For example, Hua Zi met Mr. Zhang, you sent him money, he did not accept, but thank you to express how to do? Since Mr. Zhang likes the local rice, he cant remember you if you put two bags on his car. Huazi bought rice from the money he had intended to send, and sent it one ton at a time. Mr. Zhang certainly couldnt eat it. He gave it to his friends with great face. Not only expressed thanks, but also expanded the circle of friends and promoted business contacts.

u30102u3011 Give gifts to let people remember you, pay attention to new strange.

The main purpose of interpersonal communication is to deepen impression and promote feelings. The core of gift giving is to let the other party remember you.

You give each other two bottles of wine, two cigarettes, two boxes of tea and other popular gifts, people put them in the drawer, after two days they forget. This kind of gift giving is suitable for brothers and friends who are very familiar with the game. It is not appropriate to ask for help, make contacts, and thank for help.

You cant afford to buy expensive wine. Its not rare to send cheap wine. Send two huazi, too many fakes. Send two boxes of tea, 1000 yuan tea and 100 yuan tea you cant tell. Therefore, gifts should pay attention to new strange three words, not much money, heart, let the other side firmly remember you.

For example, give it to a noble guest, inquire about his birthday from the side, buy a group of old newspapers on the same day from the thrift website and frame them up, so that the other party is particularly moved. Send to the boss of the company, engrave his company picture on the crystal cup, and then engrave his name for special use. The gift is light and the affection is heavy. As long as he drinks water from the glass, he will think of your heart.

u30103u3011 When you give a gift, you should choose the right time.

The content of the gift (gift) is very important, and the timing is more important. As the saying goes, good delivery is better than good delivery.

In the past, there was a satire about the unhealthy trend of giving gifts in the workplace. When giving gifts on New Years holidays, who sent them did not know, and who did not send them would certainly know. Therefore, when giving gifts, dont choose the juncture of festivals. If you send two boxes of moon cakes on the Mid Autumn Festival, people will not remember you. If you give a new and strange gift ten days in advance, you will be more impressed. For example, if you send tea, shirts and other expensive gifts before asking for help, you will be insincere.

For another example, if you dont walk around and do not maintain it, and when you encounter difficulties, you suddenly give a big gift, which will make the other party feel that you are cramming, turning the human relationship walking into a transaction, which makes the other party very uncomfortable, and the cautious person will definitely not accept it. The relationship is not in place, they do not trust each other, the ceremony is not accepted, and the matter is not handled.