Canadian frigate crossing Taiwan Strait today

 Canadian frigate crossing Taiwan Strait today

Taiwans Pro Green media freedom times reported that although Taiwans Defense Department did not clearly point out the level or name of Canadian warships, according to the track websiteu201c u201dThe HMCS Winnipeg passed through the Taiwan Strait from south to North on the evening of the 2nd, leaving the Taiwan Strait and entering the East China Sea at about 10 am this morning.

The report also said that Winnipeg official Facebook also released a series of water splashing photos at noon today, claiming that nearly two months of sailing and excellent work has been completed, and with the deployment continues, there is still more work to be done. Facebook didnt specify where the area was.

Taiwans Central News Agency said that according to the public information of Taiwans Defense Department, the last time a Canadian warship sailed across the Taiwan Strait was hmcsottawa on September 10 last year and hmcsregina on June 18 last year. In addition, the Philippine landing ship brpdavao del Sur on August 15 and the French patrol ship vendemiaire on April 6 also sailed across the Taiwan Strait. According to the report, today is the first time that Taiwans Defense Department announced to the outside world that warships of non US nationality are sailing through the Taiwan Strait.

In September 2019, Canadas Ottawa patrol ship once sailed across the Taiwan Strait. (source: Taiwan Central News Agency)

As for the behavior of foreign warships crossing the Taiwan Strait, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said at a regular press conference last year that China has no doubts about the normal passage of foreign ships through the Taiwan Strait. At the same time, the relevant actions should comply with international law and comply with the provisions of Chinese laws.

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