The Chinese football team will watch the film win the championship on the 8th to deeply understand the spirit of womens volleyball team

 The Chinese football team will watch the film win the championship on the 8th to deeply understand the spirit of womens volleyball team

According to the training notice issued by the China Football Association, 28 international players participating in the new phase of national mens football training will arrive at the teams hotel in Minhang District of Shanghai before noon on the 4th.

It is understood that the outdoor training of the fourth day is arranged in the afternoon of the same day, and the other five days of outdoor training are arranged in the morning. What will the team do for the rest of the afternoon?

Beiqing - Beijing headline reporter learned on the 3rd. The schedule of the national football team training is very tight. In addition to the necessary technical and tactical outdoor training, the coach group also pays special attention to the study of players business theory. It includes the mastery and understanding of the latest referee rules in the international football world and the absorption of the most advanced technical and tactical concepts, which have become the two key contents of the theoretical study of the national football training.

Liu Tiejun, deputy director of the referee Department of the Chinese Football Association, will be stationed in the national football teams preparation station on April 4, along with an old man from the domestic referee circle, Tao rancheng, a former international referee from Shanghai. The latter is one of the members of the Chinese Football Associations specially appointed referee lecturer group. The purpose of his coming to the national football team is to give the international players a lesson on the rules of punishment by combining the latest essentials of the current international football judgment rules and some classic cases. The specific teaching time is the afternoon of the 5th.

In addition to Liu Tiejun and Tao rancheng, senior experts from the technical department of the Chinese Football Association will also be invited to give the players a theoretical lesson on inculcation of advanced and tactical concepts on the afternoon of the 8th. Due to the unprecedented close impact of the super league schedule, it is difficult for the international players to take part in similar business learning. The combination of theory and practice is beneficial to improve the quality and efficiency of national football training.

During the training period in Shanghai, the national football team still has to strictly abide by the epidemic prevention regulations, but their life after training is not boring. According to the plan, the whole team will visit the Shanghai Shanggang Club of CSL on the afternoon of 6th, and then watch the film champion in the afternoon of 8th. At the same time, the international players also take the opportunity of watching the film to deeply understand the connotation of womens volleyball spirit, so as to receive an inspirational education about patriotism and collectivism.

Beijing headline reporter Xiao Nan

Source: - responsible editor of Beijing Youth Daily: Xu Song_ NS1943