Zhou Jihong: all Olympic selection points are cleared and diving lineup will have new changes

 Zhou Jihong: all Olympic selection points are cleared and diving lineup will have new changes

A: because of the postponement of the Olympic Games, changes will take place in this year. The previous competitions will be used as a reference for the overall strength.. This race and the national champions in January and may next year will be selected for the Olympic Games (with two best results), and there will be the world cup in April (the result of this station + January will be selected for the world cup). After all, there is still more than a year to go, and the athletes still have changes in training and competition, so it has been set up again.

Q: after nearly nine months of closure, how are the athletes ready?

A: from the perspective of womens preliminary competition, the old team members still have a lot of experience in the competition, and they are not affected by the environment. Young athletes have relatively strong training strength, but because there is no competition for nearly a year, they still lack the ability to adapt from small venues to large venues.

Q: has the Olympic lineup changed?

Q: why is there only one event in this competition?

Q: Why did Cao Yuan participate in the mens single 10m platform?

A: Cao Yuan participated in the single player competition in Shantou national championship the year before last. From the perspective of training performance and performance, he has the ability. This competition only has single event, also has the time to participate, just keeps him in the board, the Taiwan level. His board and platform are very comprehensive, and his starting point is in the platform. After 2012, there is a lack of candidates for mens 3m board. He also has the strength of impact board, so he changed the item. Now he is practicing in both events. From his recovery point of view, there are two months, the time is a little short, has not recovered to the highest level, but can do some try and exercise. The 10 meter platform is not here to play soy sauce, but the competition in this project is very fierce, and it depends on his own performance.

Q: does the Olympic postponement have a greater impact on Shi Tingmao?

A: at a certain age, she also suffers from injuries, but her willpower is still very strong. At this stage, I hope Shi Tingmao can make a better adjustment and restart in winter. For her, the Olympic qualification is not very difficult at the technical level, mainly in terms of ideology and spirit, but also to regain the spirit.

Q: how far away is her current strength from the peak of Rio?

A: time is enough, but it depends on her training state and mental reserve at this stage.