Dont believe it, McDonalds can play the delicious food in the scenic area

 Dont believe it, McDonalds can play the delicious food in the scenic area

If you want to eat authentic food in the scenic area, you have to take a chance.

Boss, Id like to have a plate of fried beef fillet with green peppers. As a result, when I put it on the table, I saw that there was no beef in it. The name of fried sea shrimp sounded very delicious, and the meat quality tasted like a long time of hoarding; the barbecue in the food stall seemed to have a faint smell that could not be covered by cumin seasoning

Different from ordinary hotels, most of the restaurants in the scenic area do one hammer deal: one can earn a fortune, and one does not care much about word-of-mouth. Although we cant attract repeat customers, the most important thing in the scenic spot is a succession of foreign Meng Xin who have been trapped in the net to punch in.

And the local characteristics of food, it is likely that the characteristics too much, so that you cant swallow.

For example, the poetic Hangzhou dish west lake vinegar fish is so bad that many diners doubt their lives.

Neither. Even the well-known Hangzhou dish Louwailou and the No.1 seller of Xihu vinegar fish also got a lot of bad reviews.

West lake vinegar fish 88 yuan a share, called Huatong chicken, Longjing shrimp are 198 yuan a share, looks like a small plate. Without a small 500, its hard to get together a table with a little bit of food.

In fact, eating is expensive in scenic spots, which is a tacit rule.

For catering enterprises operating in scenic spots, the rent and water and electricity charges are much higher than those outside the scenic spot [1], and many scenic spots are located in remote places, and the transportation costs of various food materials and materials are much higher than those in the urban area [2].

In addition, the flow of tourists in the scenic spots is not stable in the off-season season. Most restaurants in the scenic spots tend to increase the price of vegetables in peak season to make up for the loss in the off-season to maintain operation [2].

It is not impossible to understand that restaurants in scenic spots are expensive to eat, which is a normal market pricing behavior.

On April 10, 2016, CCTV reviewed the Qingdao high price shrimp incident in 2015 / CCTV news

For a moment, you cant shut up. As a result, you vomit and diarrhea the next day. Dont comfort yourself with acclimatization. You may have encountered an invisible mess in the kitchen.

Usually eat too much McDonalds and KFC, may not surprise your taste buds, but with the mixed good and bad, play unstable scenic food, KFC, McDonalds is better than the word stable.

March 24, 2017, McDonalds restaurant in 5A scenic area, Fuzhou

The more shocking food you encounter when you travel, the more you may miss McDonalds and KFC.

The food of McDonalds and KFC in the scenic area may not be the best to eat, but it is the safest and hygienic. This sense of security does not come out of thin air.

McDonalds, KFC and other large chain restaurants have long been the industry benchmark in terms of quality control.

The same is true of McDonalds relationship with suppliers. Although raw material production, rough processing and logistics distribution are completed by suppliers, McDonalds influence and penetration on suppliers is better than that of suppliers themselves.

Dont underestimate the lettuce in McDonalds hamburger. It may be the fighter of lettuce.

The site selection for lettuce planting is very strict. There must be no industrial three wastes pollution sources, breeding farms, chemical plants, mines, etc. within one kilometer around the planting areas. The isolation from living areas should not exceed 20 meters. The heavy metals and microorganisms in the soil should not exceed the green a standard of the United States [7].

During the lettuce planting process of McDonalds, the supplier should strictly abide by gap (good field management) and HACCP (critical control point system of crisis analysis) applicable to astronaut safety, and record in detail the processes of soil cultivation, seed selection, sowing, planting, irrigation, fertilization and pest control according to McDonalds comprehensive supply chain management manual [7].

On March 23, 2017, in Qingdao, due to the strict planting standards, a Chinese suppliers lettuce was favored by KFC and McDonalds

McDonalds in the raw material reception, once found that the foreign matter exceeds the standard, the specification is unqualified, will immediately return the goods. And every year, a third party will audit and verify the compliance of raw material manufacturers, processors and logistics distributors [13].

However, it is difficult for the catering enterprises in the scenic spots to have such close cooperation and supervision in the supply chain.

Whether it is the suppliers intentional deception, the absence of the third-party supervision agency, or the false publicity of the store finally received, there may be fraud consumers or food safety problems. For example, the food you ordered doesnt match the food you actually eat.

In 2016, a survey of scenic hotels in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province showed that the wild XX, Tu XX and grade-1 XX were just gimmicks to attract customers. The so-called first-class turtle and first-class Monopterus albus have no origin at all, and pheasants and wild Taihu fish are false propaganda [10].

On August 8, 2020, in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Coilia nasus is one of the three treasures of Taihu Lake, which is a valuable fish species in Taihu Lake

But these in the flavor difference is not big, very difficult to taste easily. If it is not exposed, foreign tourists may have to be a happy villain all the time.

Safety is only the minimum threshold. McDonalds will strive to keep lettuce fresh.

This kind of supply chain management is nothing to boast about. It is just the duty of a catering enterprise. But when McDonalds and KFC come to the scenic area, they become oasis in the desert. Because its competitors are not performing well.

At the end of August 2020, a five-star hotel in Xihu District was also investigated. The outer packaging of food stored in the warehouse was seriously moldy, and the bean curd skin, white jade tofu, dried cabbage and crisp pepper in the back kitchen had expired [12].

We are not saying that McDonalds and KFC never have problems, but in terms of the possibility of problems, it is obviously more reassuring than the restaurants in the scenic area.

How does McDonalds achieve the same taste

Yes, in McDonalds, there are detailed regulations on the operation procedures of product making, baking, oven temperature, cooking time and so on. It doesnt sound like a big deal.

It may be as like as two peas, but it is not difficult to make a normal hamburger, but it is another way to make tens of millions of identical hamburgers.

Employees make hamburgers at a McDonalds in France on September 22, 2008

Especially when youre traveling, you cant get used to the local food, or youve just been sucked by an unworthy online restaurant. You may miss McDonalds and KFCs boring chain restaurants.

How do McDonalds and KFC fast food chains do it?

In this matter of standardization, McDonalds and KFC are as harsh as a perfectionist paranoid.

We also take McDonalds as an example.

The essence of McDonalds is a chain restaurant. Most of its chain stores are franchise stores, and the self operated stores only account for a small part. By the end of 2019, among the 38695 McDonalds restaurants in the world, 36059 franchise stores were franchised, more than 90% of the total [4].

Therefore, how to implement standardization in the stores of tens of thousands of franchisees is very important to the overall efficiency, reputation and quality of McDonalds brand.

McDonalds franchisees rent and franchise fee are one of the most important sources of income [4]. But McDonalds in the franchisee expansion, performance is very restrained.

A McDonalds franchise store in Hong Kong on January 9, 2017

Both McDonalds and KFC require their franchisees to be fully trained.

KFCs training is about 7 weeks, including online training, orientation training and hands-on training [5]. McDonalds has a surprisingly long training cycle. A round of training cycle is 6-9 months. After passing the training, it does not mean that the applicant has obtained the franchise right, but becomes an alternative franchisee, followed by 12-18 months of formal training [6].

McDonalds has several special Hamburg universities all over the world, with a complete set of education and curriculum system. The core knowledge of McDonalds is Hamburg science. The students teaching material is a 360 page operation manual, including food, equipment and management [7].

Hamburg University in McDonalds, Chicago, USA

Only through the final evaluation of McDonalds, can the alternative franchisee formally sign the contract. The whole training assessment maintains a high elimination rate, and about one third of the applicants for special operators will be eliminated [6].

In addition, franchisees must also use the pricing strategies provided by McDonalds, as well as the methods of restaurant operation, inventory management, accounting and marketing. McDonalds provides more than 25000 codes of conduct for franchisees [7].

This freedom within the framework of McDonalds of franchisees ultimately ensures that the taste, price and service of McDonalds products in tens of thousands of stores are as consistent as possible.

In the scenic restaurants in the peak season, seasonal price increases, temporary workers without any training, and Stinky Face waiters are common.

Take the small matter of disinfection, the small restaurants in the scenic area are obviously destroyed by the standardized McDonalds.

On April 20, 2019, the busy scene inside the street food snack bar in Kuanzhai alley, Chengdu

A random inspection on the hygienic status of catering enterprises in Wuling scenic area and urban area showed that the qualified rate of catering industry in scenic area was significantly lower than that in urban area. This is mainly due to the lack of disinfection technology. Some restaurants in scenic spots still use the method of soaking and disinfection to treat tableware [9].

And McDonalds, KFC and other large chain restaurant disinfection is more frequent and standardized. For example, McDonalds employees need to disinfect their hands with germicidal hand sanitizer before they go to work, and they are required to rub their hands for at least 20 seconds before washing. If you touch hair, clothes, etc., wash hands and disinfect again. All dishes and machines are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after closing.

Its not that you have to choose McDonalds or KFC when you travel. Instead, KFC and McDonalds, which are famous for standardization, can save you a lot of unnecessary trouble and provide you with a good final choice in scenic restaurants with mixed quality and insufficient guarantee of taste and hygiene.

But please pay attention to straight boyfriends. Dont worry too much about what to eat out. Remember to listen to your girlfriend.


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