President Xis four suggestions to promote the construction of a beautiful world

 President Xis four suggestions to promote the construction of a beautiful world

Four suggestions: condense four forces to build a harmonious and beautiful world for all things

At present, the speed of global species extinction is accelerating, and the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem degradation pose a major risk to human survival and development. The novel coronavirus pneumonia tells us that man and nature are the common destiny. We should make concerted efforts to protect and develop in the process of development, and build a harmonious and beautiful home for all things. Xi Jinping put forward 4 suggestions: first, adhere to ecological civilization and enhance the driving force of building a beautiful world. Second, we should adhere to multilateralism and unite the forces of global environmental governance. The third is to maintain green development and cultivate high-quality economic vitality after the epidemic. Fourth, enhance the sense of responsibility and enhance the action ability to deal with environmental challenges.

President Xi Jinpings speech focused on the overall situation of the global economic recovery, and put forward a very forward-looking and important thinking to enhance the driving force of building a beautiful world, to unite the global environmental governance, to nurture the high quality recovery vitality after the epidemic, and to enhance the ability to deal with environmental challenges. This is of practical significance for the future development of the work, especially the maintenance of biodiversity. The concept of ecological civilization is an integral part of the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind. Therefore, we should organically combine the development of human activities with the environmental goals to build a clean and beautiful world, and we should not neglect one and lose the other. Ruan Zongze told reporters.

The construction of ecological civilization benefits from the present and the future. Huang Chengliang said that biodiversity is an important basis for human survival and development. We must respect life and revere life, protect the vitality and biodiversity of the earth, and link human activities with following the laws of nature. We should adhere to ecological civilization, maintain green development, and cultivate high-quality economic recovery vitality. We should focus on the long-term, maintain determination, adhere to green, inclusive and sustainable development, and comprehensively enhance the economic power to build a beautiful world.

Xu Qinhua said that the four suggestions have formed an action program for global ecological civilization construction of cooperation, practice and prosperity. In todays world, peace and development are still the themes of the times. The epidemic has sounded an alarm bell for mankind and forced people to think more deeply about the common challenges facing global development. Under the new situation, how to improve the development ability, choose the development direction, and take the road of sustainable development with high quality and ecological protection has become a common proposition in front of all countries in the world. On the issues of human and environment, human social development and ecological protection, it is necessary for all countries to jointly promote the improvement and development of global governance system in the field of ecological environment, and form a common program and action for the construction of ecological civilization.

Wang Yiwei believes that protecting in development and developing in protection to a great extent embodies the dialectical thinking of China. Development is the first priority and the foundation and key to solve the problem. However, we should enhance the ability of development and protect the natural environment in the process of development. We should not engage in large-scale development and protection. This dialectical way of thinking contains the spirit of Chinese traditional culture and also reflects the experience of Chinas development. The impact of the epidemic on globalization, green development and green recovery need international cooperation to jointly address these challenges. The key to implementing the concept of biodiversity and harmony between man and nature is to have confidence, trust and action. As the largest developing country, we not only do our own things well, but also take the initiative to undertake the construction of public goods. We have put forward Chinas propositions and suggestions, which are not only implemented by ourselves, but also called on the whole world to work together. This is also very encouraging u3002

Promoting green development practice and actively participating in global environmental governance

China uses ecological civilization to guide development, China takes effective policy actions and China actively participates in global environmental governance. President Xi Jinping summed up Chinas contributions and actions. From the traditional Chinese wisdom of Taoism following nature and the unity of nature and man, to the new development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing, China has put the construction of ecological civilization in a prominent position, integrated into all aspects and the whole process of Chinas economic and social development, and strived to build the modernization of harmonious coexistence of human and nature.

China strives to lead the transformation of economic and social development and development mode with the construction of ecological civilization. The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put the construction of ecological civilization into the overall layout of five in one; the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China stressed the need to accelerate the reform of the ecological civilization system, firmly establish the socialist ecological civilization concept, and promote the formation of a new pattern of the harmonious development of man and nature, and modernization construction We should attach importance to the construction of ecological civilization and firmly grasp the course of ecological civilization construction through top-level design.

By the way of nature, all things are born. Xu Qinhua said that China has provided Chinas experience in global environmental governance, and as a responsible power, it is consistent with its position of providing support for global environmental governance. Guided by the concept that green waters and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains, China has continuously improved the top-level design and system construction of ecological civilization, and has made fruitful achievements and valuable experience in the practice and exploration at the grass-roots level. Chinas green development path takes into account the ecological and economic benefits, integrates the ecological environment resources into the economic system, and regards the ecological environment and natural capital as the endogenous resources and important elements of economic growth. While guiding the domestic ecological environmental protection work with the idea of ecological civilization and green development, China plays an active role in Global Climate Governance and international environmental cooperation To provide public products for regional and global green development and contribute Chinas wisdom. China actively promotes the one belt, one road construction, and uses bilateral or regional cooperation to contribute to its solution, and deeply participates in global ecological governance.

Huang Chengliang said that China has earnestly fulfilled its obligations under climate change, biodiversity and other environmental related treaties, and has fulfilled the targets related to climate change and the establishment of nature reserves by 2020. A series of actions show that China, as the worlds largest developing country with a population of 1.4 billion, has stepped out of its insistence that green waters and green mountains are golden mountains, silver mountains and economic and social development Zhanhe environmental protection can achieve win-win and symbiotic development, realizing the green development of more protection and more development. Chinas ecological civilization construction and its concept have gradually become the green development concept shared by all mankind after the concept of sustainable development.

China will hold the 15th Conference of the parties to the Convention on biological diversity in Kunming next year to discuss with all parties a new strategy for global biodiversity governance. Xi Jinping stressed that Ecological Civilization: building the earth life community is not only the theme of next years Kunming conference, but also the beautiful message of mankind to the future. As the chair of the Kunming conference, China is willing to share with all parties the experience of biodiversity management and ecological civilization construction.

For China, the Central Committee of the CPC, with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core, not only integrated the construction of ecological civilization into the overall layout of the five in one Chinas socialist cause, and the four comprehensive strategic layout, but also incorporated the ecological civilization into the constitution, and formed a new green development concept. Taking Xi Jinpings ecological civilization and Chinese ecological civilization as the guide, we should continue to promote the construction of the destiny community of mankind and comprehensively strengthen the construction of ecological civilization. This is both a practical need to break the environmental crisis that restricts Chinas economic and social development, and a strategic need for Chinas sustainable development. It is related to the great rejuvenation and prosperity of the Chinese nation, and to build a strong, democratic, civilized, harmonious and beautiful country. The historical vision of a powerful socialist country. For all mankind, ecological civilization is the prerequisite for the sustainable existence of a community of shared future for mankind. This epidemic situation has highlighted the urgency of building a community of shared future for mankind. We should take the opportunity of holding the 15th Conference of the parties to the Convention on biological diversity in Kunming next year as an opportunity to build a beautiful China and a beautiful world, and jointly protect the earths homeland. Huang Chengliang told reporters.