Zhang Ziyis garden style mansion is worth 200 million, and the garage is equipped with treadmills and game machines

 Zhang Ziyis garden style mansion is worth 200 million, and the garage is equipped with treadmills and game machines

The courtyard is a garden villa with the combination of Chinese and Western culture!

There are rockeries in the courtyard, and the decorations are also full of wealth. Judging from marble floor tiles and columns, the yard is not cheap. From the reflection of the glass, you can see that the whole courtyard has a large space and a wide view.

Before that, she had taken a photo with her stepdaughter xiaoapple. In the photo, Zhang Ziyi woke up with her in her arms, while xiaoapple was next to Zhang Ziyi. They looked at the camera with smiles on their faces and looked very close. However, the huge swimming pool behind them was the most important concern of netizens, which was really enviable.

Zhang Ziyi loved swimming so much that she built a swimming pool in the yard. When she was free, she would wake up and play in the pool. Even song Zhongji once visited Zhang Ziyis home and clocked out by the pool with a group photo of waking up.

Zhang Ziyis home is a three story villa. The first floor is a familys leisure space. Small apple is watching TV in the living room. The decoration of the living room is still very low-key, including the small garden outside. Even the tea table is shaped, which shows that the indoor area is very large and amazing.

The living room is decorated with a huge portrait of Zhang Ziyi and a large teddy bear underneath. In addition, the daily reception and birthday party are held on the first floor.

The second floor is the living space for the family. There is a prominent terrace outside, when the weather is fine, you can have afternoon tea outside.

Zhang Ziyi likes small animals very much, so the cats and dogs at home also have their own luxury houses. For example, there is a large-scale luxury playground specially prepared for kittens, which is really amazing. We can only feel helpless and sigh: people are better than cats.

Wang Feng also basks in the interior of his home on the social platform. The murals on the wall and the marble table are very eye-catching. I also have a luxurious shoe cabinet. I have piano and treadmill at home. Its just like a shopping mall. In the garage of the mansion, there are four game machines and two treadmills nearby.

Even the pavement outside the courtyard has been specially renovated, which is consistent with the style of the villa.

Although Zhang Ziyis family travel in private is very low-key, their daily life always shows their status as rich people. For example, as the second generation of stars, their hobbies are playing piano or riding horses.

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