Taiwan entrepreneurs buy 22000 Pingshan Valley to spend 8 years building castles for their families

 Taiwan entrepreneurs buy 22000 Pingshan Valley to spend 8 years building castles for their families

Chen Mingfang, a Taiwanese entrepreneur, has become a billionaire from scratch. At the age of 62, he ushered in his retirement life. By the way, lets have a look at the simple and unadorned luxury house he manages himself!

At the age of 47, he bought a 22000 square meter Valley in Ilan. In order to make up for the neglect of his family, he built a Castle house for his family.

The place was so big that he built two vacation houses and an art gallery to entertain friends and provide free exhibition space for poor artists.

Chen Mingfang personally participated in the purchase of the land, from building a house to taking care of the garden. Unexpectedly, it took eight years to build the land. Im afraid that 200 million Taiwan dollars (about 50 million RMB) will not be able to run away.

Now there are four buildings in this valley. The first one is called Castle, which is the place where Chen Mingfang lives; the second one is called treasure box, which is inspired by her mothers jewelry box, with restaurants and bedrooms; the third island is a holiday house, which is specially used to entertain friends and guests; the fourth is a private art gallery, which provides the art gallery to artists for exhibition free of charge.

The park is just an art space. There are wood carvings, stone carvings and paintings in almost every room.

Chen Mingfang likes the clear water model building very much. The design of the four buildings has this idea. For example, Chen Mingfang built a Castle for her family by raising the height of three floors, making the stairs empty, and designing a glass corridor bridge. When the light comes down, they crisscross through the three layers of space, and there is no need to turn on the lights during the day.

Chen Mingfang lives alone on the first floor, while her family lives on the second or third floor. Every weekend, his wife, two sons and granddaughter occasionally come over. The room on the second floor has a large suspended terrace. Its very comfortable to sit there and enjoy the scenery.

He also specially built a happy house for his granddaughter, including building blocks, toys and play pools. Of course, the happy house for the granddaughter is also open to other children. Chen Mingfang spent a lot of money to create the ecology of the park. Every summer, five color birds and Taiwan Blue finches will build their nests. Many ecological photographers will be stationed here to shoot. Even Tian Fuzhen also comes to shoot MV~

Chen Mingfang said that I used to be a serious boss in Taipei. Although I made a lot of money, I was not happy. He should be happy now~

The castle built by Chen Mingfang for the whole family and the happy life in the park are shown below~