Original impression: Dancing Crested Ibis dancing ecological spirit flying from the depths of Qinling Mountains

 Original impression: Dancing Crested Ibis dancing ecological spirit flying from the depths of Qinling Mountains

Ive come to the spring pond to live in green trees. Feather like Jian, color like dye, fly far away, want to gather wings In the Tang Dynasty poet Zhang Jis writing, it is a dancing fairy.

It is graceful to wander in the rice field, graceful to take off, and graceful to fly in the sky over the rice fields and hills, and to land on the ridge or branches again. In the eyes of contemporary writer Chen Zhongshi, it is a kind of elegance given by nature.

Crested Ibis has a high demand on the ecological environment of its habitat. In 1981, only seven wild Crested Ibis were found in Yangxian county. Yangxian county is located at the south foot of Qinling Mountains. There are flat dams, gentle slopes, rolling hills, great peaks, and picturesque fields and rice fields It was once the last home of Crested Ibis.

The construction of ecological civilization is related to the well-being of the people and the future of the nation. Since the eighteen party one principle runs through it all. Xi Jinpings general secretary has paid close attention to environmental protection and green development. From the two mountains theory to mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes and grasses are the community of life, from fighting the battle of protecting blue sky, clear water and pure land to promoting the governance of mountains, water, gas and city, the ecological concept runs through all the time to meet the peoples growing needs for beautiful ecological environment.

After years of continuous protection, there are more than 4000 Crested Ibis populations in the world. Once on the verge of extinction, Oriental gem flew from the heart of Qinling Mountains to the Loess Plateau, and from Yangxian County of Shaanxi Province to all over the world, becoming a successful model of global bird protection.

On April 20, 2020, general secretary Xi Jinping inspects and investigates in Shaanxi. This is the general secretary of the Qinling Niubeiliang National Nature Reserve, located in Zhashui County, Shangluo city.

In April this year, general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinling Mountains Niu Bei Liang National Nature Reserve in Shaanxi to understand Qinling Mountainss ecological protection work. Visit the antelope valley, climb the moon pass, caress the trees and overlook the distant mountains. His speech at yueyueya made the audience listen attentively: Qinling Mountains are the central water tower of our country, the ancestor of the Chinese nation and an important symbol of Chinese culture.

Value Qinling Mountains and protect them more. Since the eighteen Partys Congress, general secretary Xi Jinping has made important instructions to investigate and deal with illegal construction of villas in Xians northern foot of Qinling Mountains and to strengthen Qinling Mountainss ecological protection. From the wild growth of illegal villas to the green and lush mountains and rivers, this ecological protection campaign once again declared that the construction of ecological civilization is the fundamental plan for the sustainable development of the Chinese nation.

In August 2019, general secretary Xi Jinping inspected and inspected the ecological restoration and protection of the Qilian Mountains during the inspection in Gansu. Previously, in view of the local ecological damage in Qilian Mountains, the general secretary has repeatedly instructed that the rectification should be carried out, and the central inspection team carried out special supervision on this issue. In recent years, the ecological protection of Qilian Mountain has achieved great results from chaos to governance.

People will not fail the green mountains, and the green mountains will not fail the people. The mountains in the heart of general secretary Xi Jinping are green banks for the benefit of future generations and for the sustainable development of the Chinese nation.

u2014u2014Under Liupan Mountain, planting scenery and striving to create a place of health and welfare. One tree, one seedling, one flower and one grass are spreading in terraced fields, chuantaishang and gouyuan. The forest and grass industry is spreading, and the mountain green and the peoples wealth can achieve win-win results.

u2014u2014Chongqing Wuling Mountain Area town group, read the mountain Scripture, speed up the journey to a well-off society. Crisp red plum of Qianjiang District, honeysuckle of Xiushan County, Camellia oleifera of Youyang County, water shield of Shizhu County In recent years, a number of characteristic mountain agricultural business cards in Southeast Chongqing have begun to form brand effect, and the construction of ecological agricultural corridor is accelerating.

u2014u2014The fragrance of Camellia oleifera at the foot of Dabie Mountain. Green water and green mountains bring back homesick people, and Camellia oleifera rich fruit leaves the innocent smile of the common people.


Birds twitter and fragrance of flowers were mixed with the plain and blue green in the opening ceremony of the opening ceremony of the Beijing World Horticultural Exposition in April 28, 2019. This kind of natural beauty not only brings people the enjoyment of beauty, but also relies on the future of mankind.

Chinas ecological civilization construction has entered a fast track. The sky is bluer, the mountains are greener, and the water is clearer, which will continue to show to the world.