Exchange responsibility and dedication for the safety of mountains and rivers (harmony)

 Exchange responsibility and dedication for the safety of mountains and rivers (harmony)

It is tens of thousands of Chinese women, wearing white clothes and holding armor, who go retrograde and interpret the doctors benevolence with courage and hard work, and exchange their responsibility and dedication for the safety of mountains and rivers. President Xi Jinpings deep love story tells of Chinas story - the most critical moment in Chinas fight against epidemic diseases, 2/3 of the 40 thousand medical workers from all over the country who are in Hubei to rush to China are women. The story told in a lively way arouses peoples deep memory of Chinas anti epidemic process. China adheres to the four corners of the worlds Central Committee and the Central Committee of the party. Xi Jinping, general secretary, personally directs and personally deploys the party, the army, the people and the East, the West and the north, and integrates the central and the north. The system is centered on the people, and the system is the main force to concentrate on the great events. It mobilizes the whole society and mobilizes all sources of resources, and forms a powerful force quickly. It also firmly supports the WHOs leading role. We should promote the unity of the international community to fight the epidemic. Chinas strength, Chinas spirit and Chinas efficiency demonstrate the great powers responsibility to practice the concept of community of shared future for mankind.

President Xi Jinpings important speech not only highly valued womens contributions, but also highly concerned about the greater challenges facing women because of the severe impact of the epidemic on production and livelihood of all countries. President Xi Jinping put forward the 4 proposition: helping women get rid of the epidemic situation, putting gender equality into practice, pushing women to the forefront of the times and strengthening the cooperation of women in the world. These ideas reflect Chinas profound thinking and unremitting efforts in the cause of womens progress, which is generally praised by the international community as an important force needed to promote the all-round development of womens cause.

China is an active advocate and powerful promoter of the global womens cause. Twenty five years ago, 189 countries unanimously adopted the Beijing Declaration and platform for action, which had a far-reaching impact on the protection of womens rights, the realization of womens Liberation and progress, provided action guidelines for countries to promote gender equality, and became a milestone in the international womens movement. 5 years ago, President Xi Jinping announced a series of commitments and initiatives to support the global womens cause at the global womens summit. Over the past five years, China has contributed 10 million US dollars to the UN womens program, becoming the largest developing country. China has completed 133 maternal and child health projects and invited more than 30000 women from developing countries to come to China for training. This year, President Xi Jinping announced that China will provide $10 million donation to the United Nations womens department in the next 5 years. China will continue to establish the China UNESCO girls and womens Education Award to support the global education of girls and women. China is also calling for the next global summit on women in 2025.

Women are the pioneers of human civilization and the promoters of social progress, writing extraordinary achievements in all walks of life. Understanding the truth of President Xi Jinpings in-depth explanation, people can understand the importance of promoting the development of womens cause worldwide. Equality between men and women is Chinas basic national policy. China has established a comprehensive legal system to protect womens rights and interests, including more than 100 laws and regulations. It is listed by the World Health Organization as one of the 10 countries with high performance in maternal and child health. The gender gap in compulsory education has been basically eliminated. Women account for more than 40% of the employed people in the whole society, and more than half of entrepreneurs in the Internet field are women. The development of Chinas womens cause is also an important manifestation of Chinas economic and social development and human rights development. Gertrude Mongella, Secretary General of the Beijing World Conference on women and Tanzania famous woman activist, praised Xi Jinping for his in-depth explanation and important proposal, which fully reflects Chinas position that the Chinese government always attaches importance to the development of womens cause. Juliana Gonzalez joreji, an Argentine scholar, pointed out that China has made great contributions to promoting the development of womens cause in the world and has put into practice the concept of building a community with a shared future for mankind.

Chinas actions in the novel coronavirus pneumonia process are very important. We should be aware of the importance of building a womans world free from discrimination and building a inclusive society. Today, when the global epidemic is still spreading, people should be more aware that all countries need to make greater efforts to accelerate the realization of gender equality and promote the development of womens cause in the world. This is also for the sake of the safety of all countries in the world and the bright future of moving towards a community of shared future for mankind.