Late Spring Festival, forever home country

 Late Spring Festival, forever home country

Childrens seemingly unintentional words make people who are busy these days and may have some time-space illusion suddenly realize that it is really like the late Spring Festival - the family reunion interrupted by the epidemic situation. On the theme day of the Mid Autumn Festival, warmth is rekindled. At the same time, the unexpected encounter between the Mid Autumn Festival and the national day makes this kind of empathy between the family and the country Its very intense and hot.

According to the data from the Ministry of culture and tourism, 97 million domestic tourists were received on the first day of the National Day Mid Autumn Festival holiday, which recovered by 73.8% on a comparable basis. According to the analysis of Guangzhou railway, the double festival passenger transport, including tourism, family visits and other multiple passenger flows, is intertwined and overlapped, showing a two-way intensive travel state, with large fluctuation range and high peak value. Among them, the flow direction of high-speed rail and intercity passenger flow is particularly obvious. Only on the first day of the long holiday, Guangzhou south railway station sent 434000 passengers on the same day, setting a record high since the establishment of the station.

On October 2, at first glance, it seems that a topic which seems to be out of the blue at first appears to be at the forefront of microblog search. The railway station during the National Day holiday seems to be the scene of the Spring Festival transportation. This coincident public experience may be giving the country more special landscape spanning time and space. Congestion, as a social problem full of complaints in the past, may never have been caught in time and given so much life to return to daily emotions. Just like the smoke and fire that has been hotly debated by public opinion some time ago, the return to the daily public expectation makes all the Landscapes restored at this moment have a different experience - full of solitude, then we can know the value of passing time.

Its not just the rush hour of passenger transport during the National Day mid autumn holiday that bumps into the face in the Spring Festival. Many new years movies that have been forced to postpone the Spring Festival Schedule for more than half a year have finally caught up with the National Day archives. The enthusiasm of returning to the cinema remains unchanged, and the box office recovery momentum exceeds expectations: as of 10:34 a.m. on October 2, the total box office (including pre-sale) in the national day schedule has exceeded 1 billion yuan, and my home and I have won the championship The box office of popular films such as Hometown and Jiang Ziya are quite impressive. Returning to the cinema audience, they are not only reliving the warmth and joy of different movie plots, but also recalling the long-standing cinema experience and the lost and recovered ordinary life.

The late Spring Festival is not only a return to the Chinese people with the theme of Reunion, but also a lot of common experiences and memories between the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, national day and Mid Autumn Festival. If we say that the more the whole society sighs about the value of fireworks in the world, the more people feel the value of ordinary life in the late Spring Festival. We cant forget that when the epidemic broke out suddenly, we should persuade the Chinese people who attach great importance to reunion and visit relatives and friends to forbear temporarily and reduce the meeting and dining together. Whats more, we cant imagine the decision of closing the city of Wuhan, the mobilization of the whole country in wartime and the succession of soldiers in white.

This late Spring Festival, the national day after the epidemic, Mid Autumn Festival, people understand, harvest is destined to be extraordinary. Wuhan has resumed traffic jam. At 6:00 in the evening, the road in the urban area is less than 5 km blocked for more than ten minutes. The mountains and rivers are OK. How many recorded diseases are inscribed on the land of the city. How many ordinary people who have never met have sacrificed themselves and how many details are left to history?

In 2020, when the mid autumn festival meets the national day, Im afraid its not just for the family and the country to bump into each other. The key is that everyone who meets again will have their own mood and different feelings. They cant help but feel the stormy waves of the past six months and the loss and recovery. In some trance Spring Festival fantasy, there is a strong family and country empathy: when the whole country celebrates, when the whole family reunites, please allow us to remember the past and cherish the present together!