The four point advocated by President Xi Jinping is to promote the development and cooperation of the global womens cause.

 The four point advocated by President Xi Jinping is to promote the development and cooperation of the global womens cause.

Put forward four propositions: pay attention to the key issues of womens development

What is the significance of these four points in promoting the development of womens cause in the world? Xi Jinping, director of the China Institute of International Studies and director of the Secretariat of the center for foreign studies of the Chen Xulong, said these four points constitute Chinas plan to promote Chinas global womens career. The first point is to face the major practical problems and put forward the ideas and methods to solve the problems in view of the impact of the epidemic situation; the second is to grasp the key and essence of womens development, attach great importance to the issue of gender equality and emphasize the need to truly implement it, reflecting dialectical thinking, development thinking, overall situation awareness and awareness of opportunity; the third is to view women from the height of the times The development of the cause explains the need to coordinate and mobilize the enthusiasm of the state, society and women themselves, and give full play to the role of the three; the fourth point advocates that we should look at the overall situation of the global womens cause and focus on global cooperation, emphasizing the role of the United Nations, expressing support for the United Nations, and highlighting the importance of the United Nations in the development and cooperation of global womens cause.

The speech of President Xi Jinping reflects the consistent positive attitude and power of China in the global womens business. Xu Qinhua, vice president of the national development and Strategy Research Institute of Renmin University of China and professor of University of International Relations, said that President Xi Jinping attached great importance to the protection of womens rights and interests after the outbreak and the epidemic situation, and closely integrated the epidemic situation, resuming work and resuming production with the protection of womens rights and interests, appealed to all countries to pay attention to the issue of womens rights and interests in the epidemic situation and to add to the old problems of violence, discrimination and poverty. We should make great efforts to solve the new challenges such as the gender digital divide, especially emphasize that the protection of womens rights and interests must be raised to the will of the state, and put forward the proposal of enriching the toolbox of gender equality. The development of womens cause is inseparable from the synchronous development of economy and society and the cooperation of global womens cause, which is also the consistent position since the founding of new China. China has always been an active advocate and practitioner of promoting the development of global womens cause. The vigorous development of Chinas womens cause just proves the correctness of these propositions.

Praise the power of women: helping women enjoy a brilliant life

Women are the pioneers of human civilization and the promoters of social progress. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was praised by President Xi Jinping for the women who worked in the front line. We are fighting against the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The majority of female medical personnel, disease control personnel, scientific and technological personnel, community workers, volunteers and so on are fearless and hard-working, fighting day and night, and stick to the first line of epidemic prevention and control. They write diligent and intelligent poems of life and life.

President Xi Jinping, standing at the height of human civilization and social progress, has fully affirmed the important status and role of women, and has commended the outstanding performance of women in the epidemic. Chen Xulong told reporters that this shows that China is bound to actively promote the development of domestic and global womens cause, truly attach importance to and actively implement gender equality, constantly empower women, maximize their enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, and enhance their sense of gain, happiness and security. It is worth noting that promoting the development and cooperation of global womens cause is of great significance to give full play to womens half sky role and promote the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind. The community with a shared future for mankind that we are promoting should be a better world in which gender equality and womens rights and interests are fully guaranteed. In this great process, womens strength and wisdom are indispensable, and womens roles and responsibilities are very important.

Zhang Xuegang, deputy director of the Institute of Southeast Asian and Oceania studies of the China Institute of modern international relations, said that in the work of fighting against the epidemic, the women contributed to the womens strength. Xi Jinping praised the Chinese people for their praise. On the one hand, they spoke the hearts of all the Chinese people, and on the other hand, they were highly affirmed about Chinas womens work. Behind the praise is that the Chinese government attaches great importance to the safety of peoples lives and embodies the Communist Party of Chinas purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly and the ruling concept of taking the people as the center. Facing the future, as an advocate and promoter of global womens cause, China will continue to increase its support for womens cause and help women all over the world enjoy a brilliant life.

Chinas achievements attract worldwide attention: making great contributions to the development of womens cause

Over the past 25 years, the spirit of the world womens Congress in Beijing has been giving birth to positive changes. Womens social status has been significantly improved, and the role of half the sky has become increasingly prominent. Gender equality and womens empowerment have become important goals of the UN 2030 agenda for sustainable development In China, all walks of life are constantly driving the development of womens business. President Xi Jinping pointed out that China has set up a comprehensive legal system for protecting womens rights and interests, including more than 100 laws and regulations, which is listed as one of the 10 countries with high performance in maternal and child health. It basically eliminates the gender gap in compulsory education, and the total number of women employed by the whole society is over 40%, said President Xi Jinping. More than half of Internet entrepreneurs are women.

What are the reasons for these achievements? What are the important impacts on Chinas economic and social development? Zhang Xuegang believes that the achievements of Chinas womens cause are mainly reflected in the basic national policy of gender equality, comprehensive and systematic legal protection, efficient and powerful health system, fair and reasonable compulsory education and employment and entrepreneurship environment, which attract worldwide attention. Womens work is related to social peace, family happiness, childrens education and the future of mankind. The achievement of womens work in China is not accidental. Behind it is the efforts of several generations of Chinese people for decades, which is Chinas great contribution to the development of the world.

China has embarked on a path of womens cause development with its own characteristics, which not only embodies the institutional advantages of socialism with Chinese characteristics, but also embodies the common features and laws of the development of womens cause, which is of great international significance. Since the founding of new China, the party and government have always attached great importance to womens cause, vigorously advocated and actively implemented the principle of equality between men and women, paid attention to mobilizing womens enthusiasm in all fronts and fields, and gave full play to womens half sky. China adheres to the overall planning of economic and social development and the development of womens undertakings, constantly improves womens social status, strengthens legislation and organizational work, and protects womens legitimate rights and interests according to law. At the same time, through promoting opening-up and exchanges, actively participating in international cooperation in womens cause, she has delivered excellent answers in the implementation of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and other aspects, and has been widely praised internationally. Chen Xulong said.