Rare! US media revealed that the White House is extremely unusual. Is trump seriously ill?

 Rare! US media revealed that the White House is extremely unusual. Is trump seriously ill?

Trump made his first appearance after infecting his new crown. Picture source and media

One of Trumps advisers said Trumps health was very serious and had developed symptoms of fatigue and dyspnea.

According to people familiar with the matter, White House officials have expressed serious concerns about Trumps health, and a senior administration official told CNN that trump is OK at the moment, but we are worried that things will change quickly. There are also reports that the presidents condition is more serious than that of first lady Melania.

Later in the day, White House doctor Sean Conley wrote in a memo on Trumps condition that he was exhausted.. CNN learned from another source that trump had a fever most of the day.

Trump used regenerons experimental new coronavirus antibody cocktail therapy and daily zinc, vitamin D, famotidine, melatonin and aspirin, Conley said.

Jonathan Reiner, a medical analyst and professor at George Washington University, told CNN that the decision to give trump an experimental antibody cocktail therapy showed that the White House was very worried about Trumps situation, otherwise it would not decide to use experimental drugs not approved by the FDA..

The White House, on the other hand, is trying to show a business as usual attitude.

White House chief of staff mark meadows stressed that there was no reason for the public to worry about Trumps illness. According to the official, Trumps condition has not deteriorated, not only in good spirits, but also energetic, and remains committed to working very hard for the American people..

Late in the night of the 2nd local time, White House press secretary McNally also updated a statement of Dr. Conley on Trumps condition, saying that trump is in good condition and does not need any oxygen supplement therapy and is resting comfortably.

In response to the confusion, CNN pointed out that the White House is facing a huge credibility gap.

CNN said in its report that the trump administration has released a large number of false or misleading information on various topics in the past four years, including the severity of the new coronavirus and the risk to public health. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been underestimated by the Trump administration since the outbreak of the US outbreak.

After Trumps novel coronavirus pneumonia, the White Houses description of Trumps illness changed many times on Friday. Most of the early information about Trumps health was first reported by the media and then confirmed by the White House, highlighting the lack of transparency in the US government. According to the report.

In addition, Zeke Miller, President of the White House Journalists Association, said in a letter to colleagues on October 2 local time that at least three journalists working in the White House had tested positive for the new coronavirus.

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23 people in 5 cities and 7 days infected for 90 seconds? (source: original)

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Foreign media said Ivanka situation is not optimistic! Two days ago, I had intimate contact with the confirmed father!

Just 15 hours after the diagnosis of the new crown, trump has been sent to the national military hospital and will be hospitalized in the next few days!

According to CNN, trump have a fever since this morning. Earlier, the White House doctors said trump had mild symptoms including fatigue.

Trump and his wife are both confirmed, so how is his online daughter Ivanka? Foreign media smoothed the timeline of Ivanka these days and found that the situation was not optimistic. It is reported that the father and daughter have been in close contact these days.

After her father was diagnosed, Ivanka refused to introduce her health on social media and instead shared her negative test results through a spokesperson.

As we all know, Ivankas current test, although negative, has no meaning. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) points out that symptoms of the virus may appear between 2 and 14 days after infection, and the official guidelines state that if samples are collected at the early stage of infection, they may be negative, but they may be positive in the later stages of the disease.

Ivanka, 39, and Jared, her husband, were still working as usual on Friday morning, blatantly ignoring the CDCs isolation guidelines, which recommend that anyone in close contact with a confirmed new coronavirus must be isolated for 14 days, foreign media reported.

This is an intimate picture of Ivanka and his father 48 hours before trump was diagnosed. The father and daughter smile sweetly, close to each other, and do not wear masks.

On the night of the trump debate on September 29, Ivanka posed backstage with her stepmother, Melania, who had been diagnosed, and White House staff.

She was sitting next to her stepmother as they both took off their masks.

The next day, Ivanka also went to North Carolina to visit local art galleries and candy shops, where he interacted with many people.

He also took part in the fireside chatting activities and talked with the public without wearing masks.

And her husband, Jared, is in bad shape. On Friday morning, he was on a business trip with Trumps female assistant hope, walking side by side at Andrews Air Force base. Neither of them is wearing a mask. Hope, a female assistant, has been diagnosed as positive.

I feel that the whole white house has been surrounded by virus now. Ivanka, the first daughter, wants to be defeated. It is more difficult than going to heaven.

Is trump in a military hospital so sick? Whats the worst

After trump announced the diagnosis of his new crown, many people doubted whether he was selling miserably? If so, the play is so lifelike!

In less than 24 hours, Trumps illness has not sounded optimistic, and the White House has revealed more and more serious news. The White House first said that trump did not have any symptoms. On the morning of the 2nd, the White House said that trump had mild symptoms and tried experimental drugs. On the afternoon of the 2nd, the white house directly announced that trump would stay in Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland, outside Washington, and would stay for several days. CNN quoted a source as saying that White House officials are worried about Trumps health!

However, in a statement, the White House tried to play down Trumps illness, stressing that trump was not going to hospital, but working.. With the doctors advice and caution, trump will be working in the presidents office at the hospital. Trump has been working today, too.

In the hospital facilities, there is a special office for the president.

Although the White House said that trump had been working all day and made several phone calls, Trumps Twitter had not been updated for about 18 hours. I believe many Sichuan fans miss him very much. The media are also not used to the days without Trumps crazy tweets. It seems that there is something missing. When he left the White House, trump recorded a video to tell everyone that he was safe!

On the afternoon of the 2nd, White House doctors said trump was still tired but in a good mood. First lady Melania has a mild cough and headache. CNN reports that trump has had a fever since this morning.

Dr. trump gave him a treatment: 8 grams of regeneron polyclonal antibody mixture, zinc, vitamin D, melatonin, aspirin.

Regenerons new drug has not yet been approved by the U.S. Food and drug administration. Preliminary analysis of the phase III clinical trial of this cocktail therapy has helped non hospitalized patients reduce virus levels and symptoms. Doctors say the dose of 8 grams is very high, which is to improve Trumps immunity. But it can also have side effects, so medical experts say its important that trump monitor at Walter Reed medical center.

If Trumps condition is really more serious than what the White House has transmitted to the outside world, it is much better to be admitted to the hospital on the first day of Trumps diagnosis, when he is in good mental state, than to go to the hospital when he has deteriorated. At least not all in front of the media.

The White House has become a disaster area

US Vice President burns, first daughter Ivanka, son-in-law Kushner, Secretary of state pompeio, Treasury Secretary mnuchin and other senior officials passed the test on the 2nd. However, the nomination ceremony for Supreme Court justice held in the White House on Saturday has become a disaster area for the new epidemic!

Most of the guests who participated in the nomination ceremony did not wear masks and were not tested. At least nine people have been confirmed! In addition to the trumps, Senator Mike Lee of Utah, Republican Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina, President of Notre Dame University, and three White House reporters attended the ceremony that day!

The daughter of Conway, a former senior adviser to the president, who had resigned, returned to tiktok and said her mother was infected with the new crown, and she would not let her say so. The daughter felt so angry that she made it public ud83dudc47

How wise is aunt black!

Moreover, justice Barrett, who has been nominated by trump, has been infected with the new crown this summer. But she was negative on number two

Biden epidemic prevention upgrade Dai N95

Biden said the new crown of the president of the United States once again shows the importance of wearing masks, keeping social distance and washing hands frequently.

Although seemingly amiable, the Biden team is actually worried that more people are infected in the trump camp. They have expressed concerns about the security of the next vice presidential debate. The host of the first debate, Wallace Jr., revealed that before the first debate, trump did not conduct the new crown test as required due to his late attendance! While watching the debate off stage, the trump family also refused to ask the organizers to wear masks.

White House New Crown advisor atlas Scott atlas told the media that trump will recover soon. As soon as this speech came out, he was criticized by little Wallace of fox station, and ghosts believed him! Atlas is a neurologist, not an infectious disease specialist!

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), trump, 74, is at high risk. New crowns can lead to other serious complications, and this risk increases with age. Once other serious complications occur, they need to be hospitalized, enter intensive care, and even need a ventilator to help them breathe. In general, people in their 60s and 70s are much more at risk of several diseases than people in their 50s, the CDC said

According to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, trump, 74, is five times more likely to be hospitalized than a 18 to 29 year old, and 90 times more likely to die from complications of a new crown than someone between 18 and 29. Of every 10 deaths associated with new crowns reported in the United States, eight are adults over the age of 65.

Obesity puts the new crown at risk of other serious diseases and triples the risk of hospitalization. According to a study published in the journal Nature, older men appear to be twice as likely to die from complications of a new crown than their peers.

But overall, Trumps chances of eventual recovery remain high, as most people infected with coronavirus will recover with very few symptoms. Moreover, this 74 year old man is more energetic than other young people. If trump is alive and kicking in two weeks, dont be surprised.

Worst case scenario

The U.S. presidential election polling day is now counting down to 32 days. If trump is unable to run for president because of the aggravation of his new crown, the government may adopt a constitutional contingency plan.

The impending election complicates the situation. If trump, the Republican nominee, withdraws from the election, the National Committee will choose a replacement to run as the presidential candidate. The committee could nominate vice president burns as a candidate, or elect a new member from the Republican Party.

The process of this choice will depend on the Republican charter. If that happens, all 168 members of the Republican National Committee (RNC) will have to meet to vote on Trumps replacement.

Burns is always ready to go up

The 25th amendment to the constitution of the United States clarifies the procedure for the president to declare that he is unable to perform the powers and duties of the presidency. Under the 25th amendment to the constitution, vice president Mike Pence will temporarily replace trump as president of the United States. Next to burns was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of the Democratic Party. In the fourth place, it was the turn of US Secretary of state pompeio

If trump exercises the 25th amendment, he will send a written statement to Congress. Burns served as acting president until trump submitted a written statement on his reinstatement.

The 25th amendment has been used three times in the history of the United States. In 1985, President Ronald Reagan temporarily handed over the presidents job to the then vice president, George W. Bush, who temporarily transferred power to Dick Cheney during colonoscopy in 2002 and 2007. These are short and planned transfers of power that have nothing to do with re-election campaigns.

After staying at Walter Reed Military Medical Center, White House officials said trump had no plans to transfer power.

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