Ding! Please sign for your late spring festival

 Ding! Please sign for your late spring festival

Late Spring Festival has become netizens spontaneous evaluation of the holiday.

There is a direct version:

Family circle version:

There are colorful and cool versions:

Patriotic version:

There is also a special distracted version of the composition:

As netizens said: this country, its really not easy. But it is also because of the hardship that all those who have experienced those panic, worry and confusion will feel more beautiful and tender after returning to their peaceful life. The reunion dinner that was pressed the pause button before, the old Shaojiu that should have been drunk, and the hug that owed for a long time will bring people stronger happiness.

In the picturesque Jiangcheng, the mountains look at the clear sky at night. Take advantage of this autumn, sign for the late Spring Festival, lets go!