Immediately comment on late Spring Festival to make the family and country closer

 Immediately comment on late Spring Festival to make the family and country closer

Two friends arrived early, dressed in ethnic costumes, singing and dancing. They said that they must celebrate the festival solemnly. Although there was no moon in Chengdu the next day, we all agreed to spend the most formal Mid Autumn Festival in many years: cooking and eating moon cakes seriously.

This years Mid Autumn Festival reunion dinner, many people have eaten the Spring Festival reunion dinner feeling.

This is probably the most worrying Spring Festival for millions of people in this country. The wind and rain came, which caught people off guard. Half a year later, we learned from the media that the supreme leader couldnt sleep on the eve of the new years Eve. It was this deep concern and historical responsibility that led to the major deployment at the critical moment, the rush to the front line in all directions, and the rapid mobilization of the whole society

In the twinkling of an eye, it is autumn, and there is a lot of traffic outside the window.

Time never stops its pace. If you cant move forward, you will always be left behind by it. Only by racing against the clock, can you travel by night and stars.

My colleagues told me that it was early in the morning when my mother said you are finally back to resolve the missing for more than half a year. This is a consolation to the dust and dust, and a reward for the daily care of relatives and friends. This is China composed of hundreds of millions of small families.

Yes, its all back.

For hundreds of millions of Chinese people, this kind of mood, because of a kind of hard honing, huge pay and exchange, especially let people know how to cherish.

At present, there are many countries in the world suffering from the epidemic, and there are still many uncertainties in the future. After efforts, Chinas economy and society have taken the lead in reviving its economy and society. In the past, it seemed to be an extremely ordinary day, but now it has become a valuable gift. Whether it is home or travel, the recovery and growth of the population can not be fully explained by the simple supply-demand relationship. It is more like a grand ceremony, a confirmation of happiness and an effort to regain courage for the future.

If the grand ceremony has a key word, it must be treasure. Late Spring Festival means lost and recovered. But its never right to get it back. The sentence mountains and rivers are safe is engraved with the ruling courage and wisdom of the supreme leader, leaving the moving deeds of the rebels, and concentrating the silent contribution of the Chinese people.

Raise your glasses, friends, like the Spring Festival, unforgettable tonight, which is the most familiar and moving melody.