Fox host: trump was infected with the new crown for the sake of the American people

 Fox host: trump was infected with the new crown for the sake of the American people

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[thats ok?! Fox host: the president is for our new crown] on October 2, fox host gutfield talked about Trumps diagnosis in a program. He said the reason why the president infected the new crown was him... (source: ~)

The picture shows a Fox News Host still touting trump after he was infected with the virus

Heres what the fox host, Greg gutfeld, said at that time. You can feel it for yourself:

Maybe its a flaw in trump... He didnt hide because of the virus. And he didnt because he didnt want Americans to be scared into hiding by the virus. After all, he wants the Americans back to work, right? If you want to go back to work, you will face risks. Thats exactly what trump did. He went to that battlefield just like you and me. Instead of hiding in a basement and asking others to go back to work, he excluded himself.

So I think trump is risking himself. His flaw is that, as an optimist, as a person who has been telling people that we can get through this epidemic and that everything will be OK, he has to choose to do it, he has to go this way. He could have scared the hell out of everybody, but he refused to. He said from the beginning that he hoped to maintain a positive attitude while expressing concern about the epidemic. So he chose to take the risk. He was infected with the virus, but he was infected for us.

We also have the fox host here to present the above video for you to appreciate this kind of American flattery:

After gattfeld kept saying that Trumps infection with the virus proved Trumps strong leadership, Williams, who was disgusted, pointed out without mercy that trump had been constantly flouting the basic requirements of public epidemic prevention from the beginning, and mocked the anti-virus measures of wearing masks for many times.

Williams even thinks that trump has been putting his supporters at risk because he has repeatedly organized campaign speeches in the room despite the requirements of the epidemic prevention.

Unfortunately, according to the Daily Beast news network, people like Williams who dare to point out Trumps many problems are just different from Fox News.

Whats more ironic, according to the Daily Beast, the gattfeld who so disgustingly flatters trump on Foxs show was originally famous for his harsh criticism of trump. After trump won the US presidential election and took office in the White House in 2016, he, like many of Trumps conservative critics, has been transformed in the past four years And became Trumps most loyal supporter..

The screenshot is from the Daily Beast

The beast of the day is true. In addition to gattfelds praise of trump, a host in another fox program was also shocked, saying that if trump can survive the infection of the new coronavirus, it can prove that the virus is not terrible at all

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }New York Times: trump has received a state-of-the-art experimental therapy. Media: trump received cocktail therapy and also took vitamin D and melatonin. Source: global network editor: Lin Qihui_ NB13068

Trump infects the new crown for us