Response from a company involved in the death of a college student in Hunan Province

 Response from a company involved in the death of a college student in Hunan Province

A staff member in charge of the flight management of the Lexiang aviation sports club in Chaling County told the Red Star News reporter that the incident happened at 11:30 on the 2nd, and the falling person was a part-time college student. After the incident, they immediately called 120 emergency call, but when the medical staff arrived, he was no longer able. After the incident, they have contacted the family members of the deceased to express regret and apology, and actively cooperate with the public security and relevant departments in the investigation. Red Star News reporter called Tianyuan Branch Qunfeng town police station, the staff did not accept an interview.

Club: college students do not operate according to the training standard

At 8 oclock on October 2, part-time college students arrived at the flight camp. After that, the staff of the club gave them more than an hours training and talked about the matters needing attention. At 11:30, a pilot was sitting on a hot-air balloon. The balloon went up. The person in charge said, we taught them this process when we trained them, but he didnt follow the training method. That is to say, at that time, everyone didnt press the basket and let go, but he didnt seem to notice. He grabbed the basket and then went up with the balloon.

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The pilot sitting on the hot-air balloon didnt notice the college student at first. Someone on the ground saw the college students feet hanging in the air and holding his hands on the hot-air balloon and yelled. The pilot on the hot-air balloon found that the college students hands were holding the edge of the basket, so he went to pull it. Maybe his hands were sweating and slipping, and the college student fell down without support. The official said that when the college student fell, the height of the balloon from the ground was about 10 meters. They first called 120 emergency call, but when the rescue personnel arrived, at the scene, he was no longer able to do it.

We are dealing with this matter, and we did not expect it to happen. We are very distressed. We are actively pacifying the families of the deceased and cooperating with the investigation of the public security and other departments. The person in charge also said that the club is willing to bear certain compensation liability.

The site of the incident was the first hot-air balloon flight camp in Hunan Province

The official WeChat public official account of the manor park shows that the manor is operated by Zhuzhou Yau Yi Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd. According to the industrial and commercial data, Zhuzhou Youyi agricultural science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established on June 30, 2010. Its main business scope is the deep processing and sales of agricultural and sideline products, agricultural tourism and leisure (except for the above projects that need special approval), etc. In 2018, the company was one of the top ten agricultural enterprise brands in Zhuzhou announced by the peoples Government of Zhuzhou City.

Yau Cho moved WeChats public address to the official account. It also showed that in December 1, 2018, the hot air balloon camp was jointly operated by Chaling loxiang air Sporting Club Hotel and Yau Wan estate. It was the first hot air balloon camp in Hunan. The range of flight activity ranged from 3 km radius to the center of the mountain. The flight height was controlled below the height of 200 meters. At present, the smallest hot-air balloon in the camp has a volume of 2200 cubic meters, which can take three to four adults. The largest hot-air balloon has a volume of more than 3200 cubic meters and can take six to eight adults.

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According to Tianyan information, the company was founded in March 2017 with a registered capital of 5million yuan and its business scope is balloon, power umbrella, aviation model sales, leasing and technical services (the operation activities can only be carried out after the approval of relevant departments for projects subject to approval according to law).

Public information also shows that, with the approval of the air traffic control center of the General Administration of sport of the peoples Republic of China, China Aviation Association and air traffic control office of the general staff of the air force of the southern theater, Chaling County Lexiang aviation sports club is the only diversified aviation sports club with the theme of hot air balloon in Hunan Province.

According to the management measures for hot air balloon issued by the General Administration of sport of the peoples Republic of China in 2016, the responsibilities of the hot-air balloon club include: educating the flight personnel on aviation regulations and safety, abiding by the flight regulations, ensuring flight safety; performing free flight missions, reporting flight plans according to regulations, and strictly organizing and implementing them. In case of a hot-air balloon flight accident, its level shall refer to the civil aircraft flight accident grade; the flight organization unit shall report to the Provincial Sports Association, which shall investigate the accident and report the investigation results to CAAC for the record.

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A man falls from a hot-air balloon in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province

On October 2, a part-time staff member fell from a hot-air balloon in a hot-air balloon flight camp in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province.

According to people familiar with the matter, the deceased, a college student in Hunan Province, worked as a temporary worker in the camp during the National Day holiday.

The reporter contacted the person in charge of the pilot club.

The person in charge said: we have no accidents here.

Reporter asked: I saw from the video that someone wearing our clothes fell from the hot-air balloon.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }A man fell from a hot-air balloon in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province. Source: Red Star News Author: Chen Qingyuan, editor in charge: Liu Xiaowu_ NN4113

A man falls from a hot air balloon in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province