After twitter, FB and tiktok will also delete hope trump dies

 After twitter, FB and tiktok will also delete hope trump dies

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, Cui Yan, Trump, who was diagnosed with new crown pneumonia, was sent to the user by TikToK, twitter, Facebook and short video app 2. The three technology companies confirmed on the same day that the posts that violate their platform content policies will be deleted.

NPR: Facebook, twitter and tiktok say hope trump dies is not allowed

According to national public radio (NPR), a Facebook spokesman said that posts hoping for Trumps death (including comments on Trumps home page and posts with relevant tags) will be removed from the platform.

Source of Trumps Twitter page: American media

A tiktok spokesperson told NPR that the post praising trump is dead violates the community guidelines of the short video app and will be deleted if staff find relevant content on the platform.

Earlier, twitter also warned that it would delete posts on the platform that hope trump dies.. Tweets that wish or wish anyone death, serious physical injury or incurable disease are not allowed and will need to be removed. Twitters communications team account tweeted.

According to NPR, novel coronavirus pneumonia has been infused with Trump and his wife, when he sent a 2 day attack. Trump has been attacked by social media, and even posted a message that Trump would die.

Source of this article: Wang Fengzhi, editor in charge of global network_ NT2541