Does Jiang Shuying not want to be red or not?

 Does Jiang Shuying not want to be red or not?

Naturally, the most popular is Tong Yao, who plays Gu Jia. It seems that for the first time, she has a real name other than like Zhang Ziyi.

Whether its the people in the play or the business in reality, I feel that it has been recognized by people all over the world.

Secondly, Mao Xiaotong, who plays Zhong Xiaoqin, let more people know her acting skills and the actor, rather than through gossip news. For example, she found her boyfriend Chen Xiang had an affair, moved overnight, abandoned her father and went to a TV emotional mediation program to ask her for huge alimony.

Even Zhang Yue, who plays Xiao Sanlins flesh and blood, and Gao Haining, a TVB actor who plays Haiwangs real girlfriend Zhao Jingyu, are more present in front of the audience because of the play.

But Jiang Shuying, who plays the role of Wang Mani, is still tepid.

Although just 30 has been searched for more than 10 times since its launch, it is unable to capture Gu Jias popularity. As a result, many people do not know that the female one in thirty just should be Jiang Shuying.

This is a screenshot of Tencent video introduction:

This is a screenshot of Doubans thirty only page:

See, Jiang Shuying is all right. But why, the role of Wang Mani, so no sense of existence?

After reading an article, she said that among the three female characters in only thirty, Wang mani was the least brilliant because Jiang Shuyings performance was rigid and her emotional expression was not in place. I dont agree.

Only 30 is one episode, I did not fast forward to watch a second, I like Jiang Shuyings performance.

In particular, in the first half of the year, every flattering smile, every deep bow to customers, a fight back to everyone who challenges their own performance, and trying a pair of expensive shoes are all real sales.

In my opinion, Wang manis role is not very popular, mainly because the plot and personnel of this small town youth dream are out of date.

Wang Mani, 29, is a cabinet sister with a monthly salary of 1 W5.

Its the kind of sales that is willing to work hard and is very popular. The income and working environment were good. However, because work is a luxury sales business, there are opportunities to contact rich people every day, so it is inevitable to be restless.

I cant live in a big house like a rich man, but in order to have my own independent space, Im willing to spend 7000 yuan a month to rent an independent room.

You cant buy luxury goods like rich people. You should also ensure a pair of classic shoes of 3000 yuan per quarter.

So nearly 30 years old or single moonlight people, every day still have to contend with customers and colleagues.

Wang Manni was on guard at first, but later she became serious. She was even willing to accept the other partys unmarried doctrine. However, she thought that the other side was a scum man who stepped on two boats.

As a result, Wang Mani, who was the third child, not only did not win the sympathy of the audience, but also was labeled as fishing for women, worshipping money and pasting upside down

In other words, as far as the plot is concerned, it is really too much to say about Wang manis fishing for a girl. The sea king chased after Shanghai from the sea with a lot of sarcastic words, showing money, sentiment and sincerity. Who would not be moved?

Moreover, Wang mani did not take advantage of Haiwang before she was sure of her relationship. Secondly, she was always afraid that it was not reliable. Therefore, how could she catch a girl?

These can only prove that Wang mani may be a real real real person, but this person is not new, and he is not very popular with the young people in the small town. As a result, the position of Jiang Shuying has not been kept.

Therefore, just as the stems of resigning to travel, escaping from Beijing and fleeing Shanghai are said to be rotten, the small town youths involvement in big cities and pursuing their dreams is not new, because no matter how wonderful, realistic and exciting it is, it cant be compared with the Beijing Womens guide and the Shanghai womens Guide.

Poor Jiang Shuying, originally a big female masters play, but Tong Liya, who has not given up her performance, has a high degree of enthusiasm.

But then again, Jiang Shuying is not a big red, or she is not a big red. Otherwise, Jiang Shuying is not defeated everywhere. She is clearly the first lady, but she always feels like a flash in the pan in front of the audience.

Jiang Shuying, a 27 year old official in the circle,

Shes always been a slow girl.

Born in 1986, Jiang Shuying should also be known as the child of other peoples family. In our known data, the word Xueba is definitely included in her label.

After graduating from acting, she did not rush to enter the performing arts circle, but got a masters degree in media economics from the University of East Anglia.

After finishing her studies abroad, Jiang Shuying returned to the performing arts circle. But to be honest, her acting career has not been very smooth.

Jiang Shuyings name really appeared in the public view for the first time because she played the role of Ruan Guan, the pure school flower in to our youth that will die in 2013. This is also Jiang Shuyings first film since returning home.

But by this time, Jiang Shuying was already 27 years old. When Jiang Shuying went to the audition, Zhao Wei, as a director, actually said that Jiang Shuying was a little mature. It can be seen that she was not very satisfied with Jiang Shuying.

Fortunately, Jiang Shuying also gained some popularity by virtue of to our dying youth. However, in the following years, few people could remember Jiang Shuying as an actor.

In 2014, the TV series one servant and two masters was launched, which brought together Yan Ni, Zhang Jiayi, Guan Xiaotong and other actors.

It was through this play that Jiang Shuying won the 21st Magnolia Award and best supporting actress award by virtue of her solid acting skills, which is the first time since she entered the circle that she has received more significant affirmation.

In 2016, whirlwind eleven appeared with great momentum. This work, which is characterized by the passion of football youth, invited Jiang Shuying as the heroine.

However, due to various reasons, whirlwind eleven is not popular. Many people know Jiang Shuying at this stage, but because she is the ex girlfriend of Hu Ge, who also starred in the cast. This may also be a period of time with the highest exposure value of Jiang Shuying.

In 2014, Hu Ge and Jiang Shuying joined the group at the same time to shoot eleven whirlwind men, which was killed in October.

On December 24, it was reported that Hu Ge and Jiang Shuying met each other at the airport and almost missed the scheduled plane.

As a Qingliu who has been free of rumors all year round, Hu Ge immediately received confirmation from various media reporters. Different from the usual, after six days of silence, Hu Ge took the initiative to admit his love affair with Jiang Shuying.

Hu Ge said that he and Jiang Shuying were of the same age and similar interests.. He called Jiang Shuying Xiao Jiang, revealing his intimate and sweet.

Xiaojiang is a silly girl. She said she liked my stupidity, so I liked her foolishly. In this troubled world, it is not easy to meet a fool, but more difficult to make a pair of fools. If you can accept my apology, lets wish you all the best.

This manifesto is both earnest and gentle. As the male god recognized by the public, countless people have discussed what kind of girl Hu Ge will fall in love with. In the eyes of fans, there have been many names of different goddesses.

But none of them could have thought that this girl would be Jiang Shuying, whose appearance is not very outstanding, and is basically unpopular.

In the eyes of the outside world, it is really envious of others. At that time, the two did not shy away from the outside world, just like ordinary couples on dating.

However, in 2015, the two broke up frequently.

At the press conference of the new drama good man, Jiang Shuying finally made it clear that the two had broken up. As a result, Jiang Shuyings title changed from Hu Ge girlfriend to Hu Ge ex girlfriend.

Although Hu Ge said that the two sides broke up peacefully, the outside world still talked about it. Some people said that they broke up because Hu Ges mother didnt agree, and others claimed that it was Hu Ges hype for her sister Jiang Shuying All sorts of conjectures.

In short, not many people believe that the seemingly normal reason for the two populations to find it inappropriate after getting along with each other..

The direct consequence of this incident is that Jiang Shuying has been asked about this relationship every time he appears in front of the public and is interviewed by the media.

What does the ideal look like? Or Hu Ge? Have you considered compounding? Is there any possibility of recombination?

These questions have become a fixed link. From breaking up at the age of 29, until now, with Wang mani on the hot search, people always think of Hu Ges ex girlfriend whenever Jiang Shuying is mentioned.

Therefore, strictly speaking, Jiang Shuying is not unknown, but this popular way is not what she wants.

You know shes an actress, Jiang Shuying,

Thats enough.

Eileen Chang once said that no matter how suitable for the entertainment industry, she should become famous as soon as possible.

He has been in the circle for more than ten years, and has performed many large-scale films and TV plays, but Jiang Shuying is not warm or hot. This is similar to Jingtian.

So the outside world has produced a variety of speculation, summed up in one sentence - someone is flattering her.

Fortunately, in the later good sir and qingpingle, people finally had an impression on her. Of course, along with it, there must be bad comments and negative effects.

Jiang Lai, the proud and charming lady with red lips in Mr. Hao, has been regarded by many people as a new generation of houseboy goddess. However, due to the characteristics of her role, Jiang Shuying has been ridiculed as acting too hard and made.

And in the qingpingle that once caused the topic, Jiang Shuying, the queen played by Jiang Shuying, was also said to be ugly in ancient costume and old in character.

However, Jiang Shuyings acting road has always been so unsmooth. Jiang Shuying doesnt know whether he is big hearted or used to it.

She didnt do it in a hurry. Apart from acting and the three labels mentioned above, Xueba, Wei girl, Hu Ge ex girlfriend, her other entertainment news is not much. There was neither much work nor much trouble.

In the article, she admitted that she had good resources and bad popularity for so many years, and said that every play would be ridiculed.

She said that she was a person with extremely low self-esteem, but she was still not ready to compromise. She wanted to make continuous progress and get recognition from everyone in the process of acting again and again.

Throughout the full text, it is not difficult to see Jiang Shuyings mental process along the way. There must have been a lot of conflicts between not popular and actresses, but in the end, she made a firm choice.

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