Yunnan 18-year-old girl with leukemia needs bone marrow transplantation

 Yunnan 18-year-old girl with leukemia needs bone marrow transplantation

On October 3, Li Rendes aunt, Ms. Li, told the newsuff08 uff09In May 2002, her brother and sister-in-law adopted Xiao Li from a couple from Huize County, Qujing City. At that time, Xiao Lis biological parents rented land in Simao farm and sold vegetables in the local farmers market, orchid market, and set up a small vegetable stall.

According to the disease certificate issued by the peoples Hospital of Puer City provided by Ms. Li, Li Rende was hospitalized in the Department of Hematology, rheumatology and immunology of our hospital for acute myeloid leukemia (AML), which was not m3 type and was in a serious condition. On the night of April 22, Xiao Lis mother had already signed a critical notice.

Xiao Li has not yet detected leukemia, a recent photo taken at school. If you have relevant clues, you can contact their relatives.

With allogeneic bone marrow transplantation on the agenda, waiting for the matching of bone marrow bank is rare. Ms. Li decided to actively look for her childs blood relatives, but they also knew little about the childs biological parents.

Ms. Li told the surging news that at that time, apart from asking the native place of Huize County, their parents did not know much about other information. Before 2005, they could still see their childrens mother in the orchid market, but they never met again. They didnt know whether to leave Puer or do other business.

Ms. Li said that since the child was adopted, he has been living with his parents in Jiangcheng, Puer City, and has never moved home. It is not close to the orchid market. They do not know whether their parents know their home address.

The child didnt want us to find her biological parents before, but now the situation is urgent, which cant help her, and the child reluctantly agrees. Ms. Li said that out of respect and trust, when Xiao Li was 12 years old, the adoptive parents told their children about her life experience. After learning the truth, Xiao Lis love for her parents has increased.

Ms. Li promised: if Xiao Lis biological parents or other blood relatives can provide bone marrow transplantation for Xiao Li, they will not have to bear any financial pressure, and they can also provide certain financial compensation. In addition, Ms. Lis family will also give a certain reward if there is an insider who provides clues. Contact person and Tel: Ms. Li (13759598939).

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