Hubei truck driver who once wandered on the highway

 Hubei truck driver who once wandered on the highway

During the National Day holiday, Xiao Hongbing, a truck driver in Tianmen, Hubei Province, is going to visit Shaanxi again. During the Spring Festival this year, Xiao Hongbing was trapped on the highway due to a sudden epidemic. He could not find a place to settle down in many places for days. He was found by the traffic police in Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province, and took him to the service area in the north of Hanzhong, where he stayed for 48 days. Recently, Xiao Hongbing told reporters in Nandu that Shaanxi has become his second hometown because of the special fate of being rescued from wandering on high speed.

Unforgettable days of vagrant highway

After nearly eight months, Xiao Hongbings life of being forced to wander on high speed is still vivid. I often dream and remember, as if I were still there. Xiao Hongbing said: wandering on the highway, that scene is the most remembered.

On January 7, Xiao Hongbing left his hometown in Hubei Province and drove goods from Fujian Province to Sichuan Province in a truck. Later, due to the outbreak of the epidemic, he had no choice but to start a high-speed vagrant life.

However, it is not easy for him to drive on the highway. There was no place to sleep and stop. Xiao Hongbings clothing, food, housing and transportation were compressed in the truck. He occasionally stayed in the service area. He was afraid that he would stay for too long and be advised to leave. When you get to the service area, its OK to refuel, but if you soak instant noodles there, you may find a staff member to persuade you to leave. He found out that I was a Hubei car and came to advise me. He said.

Until January 29, the wandering Xiao Hongbing was driving on the Hanzhong Expressway in Shaanxi Province. He was sleepy. He stopped the car again and fell asleep on the emergency parking belt. A few hours later, the Hanzhong traffic police woke up Xiao Hongbing and took him to the service area of Hanzhong North for a rest. Since then, Xiao Hongbing stayed for 48 days in Hanzhong North service area.

Plan to enter a new industry

So far, looking back on this period of time, Xiao Hongbing feels lucky.

It was a test for me. If you survive, you can overcome any difficulties. If it wasnt for the strong desire to go home, I might not have been able to hold on to the traffic police to rescue me.

Xiao Hongbing told Nandu reporter that on March 18, after returning to his hometown in Tianmen, Hubei Province, he began to isolate himself at home. During this period, he thought most of Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province. After Wuhan was unsealed, he began to receive goods in Hubei Province on April 10. Soon after, he also tried to take orders from other provinces, but the experience of wandering on the highway often made him afraid.

After returning to work, Xiao Hongbing also felt the impact of the epidemic on the freight industry.

Its not as good as it used to be. He intuitively felt that the freight rate of each freight trip was lowered, and most of the money earned was used to offset the road toll and oil cost, and sometimes even could not receive the order. He explained that some of the old customers did not manage well during the epidemic, and some even closed down. At the same time, more and more people are pouring into the freight industry, which makes orders more difficult to receive.

After returning home, Xiao Hongbing and his family took a group photo. Photos provided by interviewees

Take family back to Shaanxi on National Day

This years National Day Mid Autumn Festival, Xiao Hongbing plans to take his family back to Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province, to meet with friends who have extended their helping hand.

Go and see them and thank them. Its my second hometown. When the Mid Autumn Festival is reunited, I should go back and reunite with my family. Xiao Hongbing said.

In fact, since he left Shaanxi and returned to his hometown in Hubei, Xiao Hongbing has always been thinking about people and things in Shaanxi. Every time, Xiao Hongbing will specially look for the source of goods in Shaanxi. The first overseas transportation order after the restart of construction was to Xian, Shaanxi Province. However, Xian is still hundreds of kilometers away from Hanzhong. Xiao Hongbing originally planned to find an order for Hanzhong after arriving in Xian, but he never found a suitable route.

The nearest distance between Xiao Hongbing and Hanzhong North service area is only dozens of kilometers away. Xiao Hongbing recalled that night, he passed through the parking area of Laodaosi in Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province. Originally, he wanted to visit the service area of Hanzhong north, but he was not able to go again because of the opposite direction to his destination. That night, he called the traffic police who had rescued him and took pictures of the parking area.

He told reporters in Nandu that although he had never returned to Hanzhong, he always kept in touch with the traffic police who had helped him. They greet each other like old friends on the phone and talk about each others work life. This time, he proposed to take advantage of the holiday to return to Hanzhong, the other side is very welcome.

Since being trapped in the high-speed network, Xiao Hongbing has been helped by many people he has never met. He recalled that over the past few months, strangers still cheered him up in wechat from time to time, just like brothers and sisters, give me a boost, and they will also ask me how about transportation, whether Im tired or not, and how about my income.

Editor: Ao Yinxue, a reporter from Nandu

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