At this important meeting, Xi Jinping put forward a national will.

 At this important meeting, Xi Jinping put forward a national will.

Women are the pioneers of human civilization and the promoters of social progress. They write extraordinary achievements in all walks of life. We are fighting against novel coronavirus pneumonia, and women medical workers, disease control personnel, scientists and technicians, community workers, volunteers and so on are fearless and struggling day and night. They are sticking to the front line of epidemic prevention and control, writing diligent and intelligent poems to protect life and save lives. Were going to like them.

In depth analysis of the situation faced by women: women face greater challenges

The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is spreading all over the world, which has brought serious impact on the production, employment and livelihood of all countries, and women are facing greater challenges. As secretary general Guterres has said, the results achieved in the area of gender equality over the past few decades are at risk of retrogression.

Expounding the important proposition of protecting womens rights and interests: must rise to the will of the state

1. Help women get rid of the impact of the epidemic.

We should pay attention to the physical health, social psychological needs and working environment of front-line female medical workers.

The protection of womens and girls rights and interests should be placed in an important position in public health and the plan for returning to work and giving birth again. In particular, womens employment channels should be widened and violations of womens rights and interests should be combated.

2. Implement gender equality.

The protection of womens rights and interests must be raised to the will of the state.

We should take the post epidemic recovery as an opportunity to provide new opportunities for womens political participation and improve their participation in the management of state, economic, cultural and social affairs.

It is necessary to eliminate prejudice, discrimination and violence against women and make gender equality a code of conduct and value standard to be followed by the whole society.

3. Promote women to be in the forefront of the times.

We should uphold the protection of womens rights and interests in development, improve womens livelihood through development, and realize the synchronous development of womens undertakings and economic and social development.

It is necessary to remove obstacles, create an environment, maximize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of women, and enhance their sense of gain, happiness and security.

We should give full play to the role of the government, mobilize social forces extensively, and support and help women enjoy a brilliant life.

4. Strengthen global cooperation in womens cause.

We support the United Nations to give priority to womens work, increase investment in eliminating violence, discrimination, poverty and other old issues, and do something to address new challenges such as the gender digital divide, so as to make womens goals the early harvest of the 2030 agenda.

Comprehensively summarize the major achievements in safeguarding womens rights and interests

Equality between men and women is Chinas basic national policy. China has established a comprehensive legal system to protect womens rights and interests, including more than 100 laws and regulations. It is listed by the World Health Organization as one of the 10 countries with high performance in maternal and child health. The gender gap in compulsory education has been basically eliminated. Women account for more than 40% of the employed people in the whole society, and more than half of entrepreneurs in the Internet field are women.