Yan Zibei: physical training helps me balance development, strengthen short board and avoid injury

 Yan Zibei: physical training helps me balance development, strengthen short board and avoid injury

Hello everyone, Im Yan Zibei of the national swimming team. Today Im here to share with you my superficial understanding of physical training.

1. The overall promotion of physical training to special events

Physical training includes strength, basic physical fitness, maximum heart rate training (special physical fitness of climbing machine), core strength (test of human horse machine) and explosive force training. I think the key point of physical training is how to combine the land physical training with the water specific training. I keep such a belief, constantly explore in the daily physical training and communicate with the physical fitness coach. The following is my deep experience of combining breaststroke training in this period of time. Through the land training, the squat performance is improved, and the breaststroke leg is more powerful in the water; the core strength is improved through the horse and rider training, and the body is more stable when the water is paddling and kicking; the cardiopulmonary function and aerobic ability are improved through climbing machine training, and the sports performance is improved significantly in long-distance training; through the explosive strength training of legs, the platform start and Turning and pedaling are improved. The stability of the core is enhanced, the strength of legs is strengthened, and the aerobic capacity is improved. In the instant that I jump out of the starting platform, my body can have better ability to stay in air, and can adjust my body position in the air, thereby reducing the resistance of water entry and the effectiveness of water pressure. When swimming on the way, with the support of stronger leg strength and aerobic ability, especially in the last 25 meters, the technical movements will be able to stay longer, reduce water resistance, so as to swim more confidently. If we can comprehensively develop various physical items, we can improve the sports performance in all aspects.

2. Through physical training to find their own short board, targeted to strengthen the short board

Also in the process of physical fitness testing, it can help me find out my own shortcomings: the 3000 meter run. At the beginning, I didnt understand the meaning of 3000 meters. I thought it would increase the burden on my ankle too much. I was a little repelled. After communicating with the physical fitness coach and team doctor, we know that the flexibility of ankle joint should be the dynamic balance between strength and activity. We should find our own balance point and train step by step. Under the condition of keeping the flexibility unchanged, we can not only enhance the stability of the ankle joint, but also develop the strength of small muscles around the ankle. After changing my mentality, I insisted on completing every running training. After a period of hard work, I felt the substantial change: firstly, the aerobic endurance in water was improved; secondly, the coordination strength of legs was increased; and through 3000 running training, the recovery after special training was promoted. I will continue to run 3000 meters to make up for my short board.

3. Physical training to avoid sports injury

For breaststroke, the protection of knee joint is very important. I through the wall static half squat, single leg squat, elastic band knee valgus and other exercises, to strengthen the strength and stability of the knee joint, the effect is remarkable. Through the light load core training, such as flat support, roller training, Swiss Ball hip bridge dynamic or static training, not only can achieve the effect of strengthening the back muscle, but also can be used as a warm-up or rehabilitation training after injury. Through the elastic band, light dumbbell and other light weight equipment to help activate the shoulder joint; flyers stick exercise, Swiss Ball push-up and other exercises, to strengthen the strength and stability of the shoulder joint, the effect is remarkable. In the current physical training, in addition to the strength training of large muscle group, small muscle activation and functional training are also added. After regular relaxation, people will still feel fatigue and limited range of motion of joints. After a period of training and stretching of small muscle groups, this kind of fatigue and tension is obviously improved, and their control of the body is higher, so that they can be more leisurely in the training and reduce the uncontrollable injury factors in the training process.

To sum up, physical training helps me balance development, strengthen short board and avoid sports injury.

Thank you.

Source: responsible editor of China Sports Daily: Wang Chengcheng_ NB12651