Let us call on the US Congressmen to take charge of the virus

 Let us call on the US Congressmen to take charge of the virus

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was released by the US President Trump and her husband, Kelly loveler, in Georgia on Friday, when she released an innocent speech on social media in an attempt to take the opportunity to attack China. Even her remarks made some American media unable to see it.

Remember, China infected our president and first lady, and we have to hold them responsible, Loffler tweeted on overseas social media.

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As for lovelers speech, CNN said that what ruffler wanted to do was very obvious. She wanted to prove her tough stance on China to potential voters by accusing China of not stopping the virus and turning president Trumps diagnosis into a political issue. CNN said that at the same time, there was a conspiracy theory in her statement - did China infect president trump? -- and she knew that the conspiracy theory would find supporters among some of the most pro trump voters.

The problem, CNN said, is that lofler knew he wasnt telling the truth. It is not clear how trump got infected, only that he had close contact with his senior aide, hope Hicks, who was tested positive earlier on Thursday.

Loffler was provisionally appointed to the Senate in November last year to fill the position of Senator Johnny Isaacson, who retired on health issues. In the past nearly a year, Lofflers work has been controversial, and she will run for a new round of election on November 3. There is no doubt that Lofflers speech has a lot to do with the upcoming election.

CNN said Lofflers tweeting was very irresponsible. In the absence of evidence at all, it is not the right thing for us to suggest that China has made trump and the first lady ill - not to mention loveler, the current U.S. senator.

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Knowing that the new coronavirus test was positive, CNN: trump himself was scared

[text / observer Wang Kaiwen] Trumps new coronavirus test was positive, encountering a storm before the election. According to the news obtained by CNN on October 2, trump himself was also shocked after learning the results.

One person familiar with the situation was quoted by CNN as saying that trump was frightened after the positive results of his new crown test came out, and he developed symptoms such as fever overnight, which made him more worried about his symptoms.

We learned that he (trump) was scared by the diagnosis, and the president has been very concerned about his health, CNNs White House correspondent kaitlan Collins said in the report

On October 2 local time, 74 year old trump announced that he had tested positive for the new coronavirus. That night, trump left the White House for Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, a military hospital in Maryland.

The presidents mood is much more intense than when he was diagnosed, Collins said She said Trumps entourage is wearing masks, which is in sharp contrast to the fact that he did not wear masks at previous campaign rallies or other events.

Weve seen how their boss, President, by infecting the new crown, awakens peoples awareness of wearing masks and taking preventive measures Its like an explosion in the White House, and the fact that the president of the United States tested positive for his new crown really shocked people Collins said.

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