Super communication event? The number of guests confirmed in the nomination ceremony increased to 7

 Super communication event? The number of guests confirmed in the nomination ceremony increased to 7

Conway was the latest guest to test positive after attending the nomination ceremony for Supreme Court justice held in the White House on Saturday (September 26), CNN reported. At least seven people who participated in the event have been diagnosed with infection. Among them is president trump.

I tested positive for the virus tonight. My symptoms are mild (slight cough), and I feel good. Ive started negotiating with doctors about the quarantine procedure, Conway tweeted. Prior to that, the first lady Melania, North Carolina Senator Tom Tillis, Utah Senator Mike Lee and President John Jenkins of Notre Dame University all tested positive.

According to the site photos of the day, all of the confirmed people were sitting very close and most of them were not wearing masks, according to the politico news website. With the increase in the number of confirmed cases, the event is increasingly considered to be a super communication event.

The report said that the days nominee for the general judge, amyconeybarrett, had been infected with a new crown virus this summer and recovered.

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Are they all dangerous? Recently, the list of CO travelers with Trumps confirmed female assistant has been exposed

[global network reporter Zhang Xiaoya] shortly after US President trump confirmed that his female assistant, hope Hicks, himself and first lady Melania were infected with the new crown, on October 2, local time, it was revealed on social media that American media dug up a list of people who had recently traveled with Hicks. The list shows that several of Trumps relatives and some of the staff around him are on the list. According to CNN, Trumps daughter Ivanka and her son-in-law Kushners new coronavirus test results were negative.

At the bottom of the list circulated on social media, it was marked live broadcast by Microsoft National Broadcasting Corporation (MSNBC). The list lists people who recently traveled with hope Hicks.

A total of 21 people were included

First lady Melania of the United States.

Alice Mary Johnson, a black American woman. Johnson served in federal prison for his first drug crime in the 1990s. In 2018, Alice was pardoned and released.

Robert OBrien, assistant to the president for national security affairs. In July, the White House confirmed that OBrien was infected with the new coronavirus, saying he had mild symptoms, had isolated himself and worked remotely

Rudy Giuliani, Trumps private lawyer.

White House chief of staff mark meadows.

Jared Kushner, senior White House adviser and Trumps son-in-law.

Donald Trump, the eldest son of trump.

Kimberly gilfoyer, the girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr., and a member of the trump campaign team. In July this year, the new crown of gilfoyer was tested positive.

Eric trump, Trumps second son

Eric Trumps wife Laura trump.

Tiffany trump, the youngest daughter of trump.

Drake Lyons, adviser to the US president.

White House press secretary Kelly mcnani.

Stephen Miller, senior adviser to the president of the United States.

Global network reporter found that before the press release, there was no reliable written report in the United States to explain the above information. But it includes American radio host Richard A. Fowleruff08 RichardA.Fowler uff09MS NBC host Ayman Mohieldin and some netizens also forwarded the pictures and contents.

US radio host Richard A. Fowler tweeted

In the early morning of October 2, US Eastern time, trump tweeted that he and the first lady Melania had tested positive for the new coronavirus and had begun isolation. Tonight, Melania and I tested positive for the new crown, he tweeted. We will begin our isolation and rehabilitation process immediately. Well get through it together Melania tweeted that we feel good at the moment.

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