Fashion u00b7 new national style Zhang Zhaoda: the mountains and rivers of the motherland are my inspiration

 Fashion u00b7 new national style Zhang Zhaoda: the mountains and rivers of the motherland are my inspiration

What kind of design can be regarded as a new national style integrating modern and traditional? Maybe this top fashion designer can answer for us.

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The third bullet -- National Style Designer Series

In Chinas fashion industry, the most exposed and influential fashion designer is probably Zhang Zhaoda.

He won the Golden Summit Award of Chinese fashion design for two times, and he is also recognized as a master figure from China in the international fashion industry. As the first Chinese to break into European and American fashion circles, Zhang Zhaoda is a pioneer of national fashion.

Zhang Zhaoda and daughter Zhang Kaihui in 2020 Beijing Fashion Week

Zhang Zhaoda is an artist hard to define. Zhang Zhaoda, vice chairman of the International Association of Chinese artists, a researcher of the cultural research and development center of Peking University, and a visiting professor of the Academy of fine arts of Tsinghua University, has endowed Zhang Zhaoda with artistic temperament and creative cornerstone from different fields but interconnected.

He has made recognized achievements in the field of clothing, calligraphy, painting, sculpture, and even installation art. He has a wide range of knowledge, which brings unconventional and unconventional colors to his fashion design.

Zhang Zhaodas paintings

His success stems from his rich cultural connotation and his unremitting pursuit of clothing. This time, sister Yi and Zhang Zhaoda talked about his legendary experience as the first crab eater in Chinas fashion industry, his understanding of national fashion and his views on its development status, as well as the role of his extensive involvement in fashion design.

Zhang Zhaoda: the mountains and rivers of the motherland are my inspiration (source: Netease fashion original)

Zhang Zhaoda: I came to Beijing in 1995. Many like-minded brothers and friends, many experts and scholars in the academic circle, as well as a group of people with lofty ideals in the pursuit of Chinas fashion revitalization in the whole fashion industry, want to learn from the Western model. A group of young people, together with a group of entrepreneurs, elites from various industries and media friends, jointly founded China International Fashion week.

At that time, we thought of three stages: first, we should learn from others; second, we should strive to innovate; third, we should pursue originality. We have traveled all over the country, and we have had a lot of exchanges and discussions. At that time, we had the feeling of ethnic group. Now we are very excited when we think about it, and we still experience it.

Netease fashion: how to understand national fashion?

Zhang Zhaoda: from 1999 to now, I have been pursuing the pursuit of the nation in different times and feelings, even the worship pursuit, to show it in the current language and form. My eyes and my feelings awaken the east of my own country and my own people, especially my inner East fluid, which has aroused my new pursuit.

Therefore, during the period of five to five years, I adjusted from the works of 56 ethnic groups in Yunnan in the museum, displayed there, studied and studied seriously. I was completely conquered by the costumes collected by our national museum.

Netease fashion: what is the Chinese style in your eyes?

Netease fashion: the story behind the creation of Chinese style works?

Zhang Zhaoda: every year, I find a place in China that I really want to go to. I find a scene or a certain thing that fascinates me. Then I analyze the scene and decompose it into dots, lines, surfaces and texture. After that, I use the language of clothing and the vocabulary of design to reorganize it. I have spent five years working with Chinese excellent designers and artists to explore new pursuits.

Zhang Zhaoda: we should be proud. This shows that our new culture is gradually appreciated by the world and even the whole world. We hope that the concept and culture of Chinas Oriental clothing can be shared with the world. We hope that our Chinese clothing will form a new mainstream from the western and European clothing civilization. This is our pursuit in those years. Today, we can see that this process has begun. For our generation of designers, the mood is very excited.

Netease fashion: what is the relationship between painting, sculpture, calligraphy and clothing creation?

Zhang Zhaoda: in the creation of Chinese geographical features, human feelings and humanities, I have used different artistic grafting in each show. I did Xishuangbanna series with the method of drawing lines and dots, I used the method of contemporary art graffiti and collage in my series of Tibet, and I used the method of watercolor in my series of Yangtze River. Each of my works draws on the understanding of this kind of art to create.

Netease fashion: what do you think of the development of Chinas fashion industry in recent years?

Zhang Zhaoda: after all these years of reform and opening up, if it hadnt been for this, everything would have happened to me. So in my feeling today, this fully demonstrates the openness of a country and the policies of a country, which are embodied in artists.

With science and technology, fashion and green, Zhang Zhaoda and his daughter Zhang Kaihui jointly launched the leaf theme fashion show to kick off the recent 2020 Beijing fashion week.

Clean cut, light and drooping fabrics, bright and soft colors, and patterns from nature, this series of fashion emphasizes the harmonious coexistence of human and nature, and is in line with the world outlook of the unity of heaven and man in Chinese culture.

The flower elements that can be seen everywhere are elegant but not arrogant, gorgeous and not vulgar, which are perfectly integrated with the cutting and routing of clothes.

The combination of traditional color, pattern and style with modern tailoring and pattern design shows Zhang Zhaodas pursuit of elegant, implicit, simple, elegant and exquisite female beauty.

China Red has always been the first choice element in the design of Chinese style fashion. However, it can be seen that the designers ability can be seen by presenting the red color so warm and pure without overwhelming the peoples light.

Pure, sexy and elegant Chinese blue is another important national style element. This set of fashion is gorgeous and implicit, which keeps the elegance and extraordinary bearing of Zhang Zhaodas design style, and is full of artistic appeal.

Mark Huafei, the Guochao brand founded by Zhang Zhaoda in 2001, shows more of his unrestrained creativity and dialogue with modern aesthetic and contemporary young people.

This series of shuipo Liangshan hero tide summer clothes are very interesting. The logo of T-shirt skillfully integrates Lu Zhishens weapon, Shuimo Zen stick and crescent shovel. The shadow play elements of Wusong tiger fighting shadow play with cloth around the waist are full of fun, and blend traditional culture and modern design appropriately.

SpongeBob, godzila, kakaofriiends and other popular IP, Dunhuang, Water Margin heroes, Wukong and other traditional Chinese cultures, and the joint design of ancient and modern China and the West fully show Zhang Zhaodas international vision and national feelings.

In the pursuit of fashion and tradition, this Oriental fashion designer complements the oriental charm with western techniques.

The long-standing Chinese culture gave him a backbone like support, and he also used his works to prove that the national fashion was in the right time.