Fashion Week show: Bally spring / summer 2021

 Fashion Week show: Bally spring / summer 2021

Pointy shoes and stiletto heels run through Ballys ss2021 collection.

Whether its leather tassel bandage or cocoa leaf fiber weaving, the use of natural materials in shoes has reached a perfect balance.

Denim boots and casual shoes have a stylish silhouette, highlighting the micro woven V-pattern and mesh details.

The bag with plaid leather and straw woven material inherits the classic design of the brand.

The application of the B chain has been reinterpreted everywhere - either embellished on leather handbags or printed on jacquard fabrics on saddle bags.

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The wide and generous leather fabric and the exquisite cut silk dress add a touch of elegance and softness. Dual fabrics, from linen to suede, pay homage to collections, such as A-line skirts with metal buttons, side slit skirts, and sailor style knits.

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The graphic brand logo is particularly eye-catching whether printed on natural materials, decorated in denim handbags, straddle bags and straw bags.

Ready to wear

A colorful T-shirt with a casual, luxurious leather jacket and overcoat, light jeans and layered pine design. Exquisite silhouette, windbreaker with belt and double material (linen and suede) splicing design create a unique urban style.