The second childs mother cheated 300 boyfriends by more than 400000 police, and her husband only knew about it

 The second childs mother cheated 300 boyfriends by more than 400000 police, and her husband only knew about it

Falling in love with single mother but being pulled black

At the beginning of August 2019, a 33 year old single man working in Changshu, Jiangsu Province, fell in love with a single mother Zhou Xiaoli. They had a good conversation and soon established a friendship relationship. Xiao Zhao, who had been using various reasons to transfer money to Zhou Xiaoli, was blackmailed. Realizing that he might have been cheated, he went to the police station and called the police.

After investigation, the police found that there were more than one similar case. After efforts, clues gradually gathered. On September 17, 2019, the criminal suspect Zhang was arrested and brought to justice. Zhang is the person who calls himself Zhou Xiaoli. With the case step by step, the police found that Zhang is very difficult. Zhang, 31, is the mother of two children, but has not been divorced.

In order to take care of the children, unable to work, the husbands income is not high, Zhang lived a little embarrassed. Usually, her husband in order to live a busy life to neglect her, Zhang then in the network to find emotional sustenance. In a group of friends, she met a net friend from Hebei, and they had a very opportunistic conversation. At the beginning of 2017, Zhang, who was divorced from her husband, went to Hebei with her little daughter, and ran to the present with netizens. Unexpectedly, she died in the light. The other party sent her back home with a travel fee of 500 yuan. Frustrated and penniless, Zhang borrowed the travel expenses from his relatives before he was able to return home, and the divorce was no longer mentioned.

Three hundred people were cheated in two years, and the amount involved was more than 400000

However, this experience made Zhang think of a way to make money. By adding strange mens QQ and wechat, he determined the love relationship, and fabricated some reasons for boyfriends to send red packets and transfer money. In this way, he could get money and improve his originally poor life. After making up his mind, Zhang began to mingle with all kinds of QQ groups of marriage and love, publishing a marriage advertisement in the group, saying that he hoped to find a single man with ordinary conditions but honest and reliable living together. The simple condition of making friends makes the single men who want to find a partner take the initiative to add them as friends. Then, Zhang carefully weaves a love net with flowery words, waits for the fish to take the bait, and uses the sympathy of the other party to fabricate various reasons for fraud.

In order to improve the success rate of fraud, Zhang, who thinks that he is not outstanding enough and can not easily obtain the trust of men, finds some beautiful womens pictures from the Internet as QQ and wechat avatars to arouse mens favor. Relying on this simple and cheap tricks, Zhangs QQ, WeChat and Alipay have everfount money, which makes Zhang difficult to extricate themselves. After investigation, it was found out that in more than two years from 2017 to 2019, Zhang repeatedly used the way of making friends on the Internet to accost the victims, and after gaining the trust of the victims, Zhang successfully defrauded nearly 300 men under the pretext of meeting people with travel expenses, paying rent and seeing a doctor, and the amount of money involved was more than 400000 yuan.

Cheat people will also educate each other husband year-round ignorance

For more than two years, Zhangs husband didnt know about his wifes flirting with a strange man in wechat. Later, he found that his wife, who had no job, had money in his hand. Zhang had won the money by playing mahjong. He was surprised when the police came to find out about Zhangs fraud.

In handling the case, the prosecutor found that, unlike other suspects who used similar means to defraud, Zhang would take the initiative to admit that he was a liar and would sincerely tell the other party: I cheated you, Im sorry! You are a good man. There are too many online swindlers. Dont trust people like this next time. You should take care of your own wallet and not transfer money to others easily. I sincerely wish you... In more than two years, Zhang has sincerely blessed nearly 300 former boyfriends.

The reporter learned that Changshu City procuratorate to be suspected of fraud on Zhang filed a public prosecution. On July 17, the court heard the case. On September 2, Zhang was sentenced to eight years and six months in prison and fined 40000 yuan.

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Women online love divorced veterans loan 100000 yuan insurance fraud

On September 25, the Yanghang police station of Baoshan Branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau received a message from the citys anti telecom network fraud platform that Zou, a resident in the jurisdiction, may encounter friend making and investment and financial fraud. Yang police immediately contacted Zou by telephone and asked whether he had made friends on the Internet, invested and managed money in the near future. Zou told the police that he had just had an online love affair recently. After a brief understanding of the situation, the police found that Zou may be suffering from pig killing Telecom fraud, so they went to Zous residence to take it back to further understand the situation.

Picture: chatting records between the victim and the suspect. Map provided by Baoshan Public Security Bureau

After understanding, not long ago, Zou met a netizen Li through dating software, Li claimed to be a retired special soldier, divorced. The two met on the Internet very happily, and then added wechat to each other. Li said hello to Zou every day, and they soon established a love relationship. Later, Li said that there are investment channels, Zou at the beginning also doubted, holding the mentality of trying to give Li 5000 yuan. After two days, Li told Zou that he had made a profit and transferred 5700 yuan to Zou, equivalent to 700 yuan in profit. Li also told Zou that the more investment, the greater the return. He encouraged Zou to borrow money through the platform and collect 100000 yuan to transfer it to him. With the experience of the profit ahead, Zou has not taken precautions against Lee. He borrowed more than 9 yuan from WeChat and Alipay, and then put together another cards money to make up 100 thousand yuan. When Zou Mouzheng was ready to transfer money to Lee, he received a phone call from the police.

Police then popularized the knowledge of telecom network fraud to Zou, and told her not to trust network friends and investment and financial management, Zou also realized that he may have met a liar and assured the police that he would not transfer the money to Li.

Police note:

We should be cautious in making friends on the Internet. We should not easily trust the investment channels of strangers. We should be vigilant when dealing with property transactions. The national day and the Mid Autumn Festival are coming. While relaxing on holidays, we should also pay attention to keeping a sense of prevention.

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