Summary of the National Swimming Championship: welcoming the world record and facing the dispute of physical examination

 Summary of the National Swimming Championship: welcoming the world record and facing the dispute of physical examination

However, good results are created by the evening preliminaries, and we still need to continue to look for the golden key to the outbreak of the morning finals of the Tokyo Olympic Games; the overall results show that short-distance outbreak, medium and long-distance is flat, and the final level of some events has declined. The physical fitness and physical test of taking the lead are worthy of further study by experts.

Relay world record, aim, break!

The mens and womens 4 u00d7 100 meter medley relay is a new event in the Tokyo Olympic Games. The Chinese team was expected to make an impact on the qualification of the Olympic Games at last years Gwangju swimming world championships, but the result was cancelled due to a foul in the race.

Fortunately, in the fina Swimming World Cup in Jinan in August last year, the Chinese team made a relatively ideal performance, which was enough to impact on the Olympic qualification. However, in order to be more stable, we still need to improve ourselves as far as possible before the deadline of the Olympic application to ensure the qualification.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Chinese team has carried out three in team tests in March, may and July, and the results have fluctuated normally. In the test in May, the strongest team composed of Xu Jiayu, Yan Zibei, Zhang Yufei, and Yang junxuan swam with a good result of 3:40.26, ranking third in the Guangzhou World Championships, and surpassing the Asian record, less than 2 seconds from the world record. Breaking the world record has become a well-known but unspeakable secret.

Finally, on the night of October 1, the top four changed the world record of 3:38.56 set by American players at the Budapest World Championships in 2017 with a score of 3:38.41, which is a gift for National Day!

Xu Jiayu, who led the battle, shed tears: our expectation is to break the world record, but we cant say it ahead of time. Only when we see the results, can we count. We did it! Team competition can better reflect Chinas strength. I feel very honored to be able to break the world record on national day and Mid Autumn Festival

Famous generals, stable new people

In addition to the world record four, Xu Jiayus 100 meter backstroke was more than his record at last years World Championships, and each shot was close to his best. This is the biggest hope for China swimming in Tokyo Olympic Games.

Zhang Yufei, 22, was the big winner of the competition, leaving her name in national records, Asian records and world records. She broke 56 seconds for the first time in the womens 100m Butterfly event, 55.62 seconds less than the world record of 0.14 seconds, which is also the second best record in history, breaking Liu Ziges Asian record of 11 years. Zhang Yufeis 100m Butterfly thus became a new breakthrough point of Chinese swimming in Tokyo Olympic Games. She also accidentally broke the national record in the 100 meter freestyle.

Wang jianjiahe, an 18-year-old Liaoning contestant, had to fight hard in the preliminaries because her physical fitness score was not high enough. She set the Asian record in the 1500m freestyle with 15:45.59. Her 400m and 800m were also the first in the preliminaries and the third in the 200m preliminaries.

Yu Hexin of Guangdong team broke the national record of mens 50m Freestyle in the preliminaries on the first day of the competition.

Zhejiang Medley Master Wang Shun maintained a high level, 400 meters and 200 meters Medley performance are close to personal best results. However, ye Shiwen, Fu Yuanhui, Qin Haiyang, Yu Jingyao and other famous generals all achieved the Olympic a standard, but they failed to make the final because of their physical fitness scores. The good thing is that Jingyao and ye Shiwen each won a final and won the gold medal.

In addition, Zhang Xiaoyan won the 200 womens gold medallist in the Guangdong Womens freestyle event The best Freestyle Swimmer. In addition, two national age group records have been rewritten.

Rational view of physical fitness and physical measurement

In Qingdao swimming championship, physical fitness and physical test become hot topics. It is self-evident that the importance of strengthening physical fitness and making up for weaknesses is self-evident. However, it is worth summarizing and analyzing the setting of physical test items, time arrangement and how to link up with special competitions.

According to the requirements of the General Administration of sport of the peoples Republic of China for strengthening physical fitness, the top 16 players in the preliminaries were selected, and the top 8 players were selected to enter the final. The same physical performance, and then according to the swimming performance ranking into the final. According to incomplete statistics, 11 of the 33 preliminaries, including Ye Shiwen, Wang jianjiahe, Yu Hexin, Fu Yuanhui and Yu Jingyao, were the first to be out of the final. Those who dont make it to the top 8 can only choose to do their best in the preliminaries. The first few players in the preliminaries were eliminated by physical fitness, and the lower ranked players advanced to the final, which also led to the final level of some events not as good as in previous years.

Objectively speaking, physical fitness is the foundation, but different sports have different requirements for physical fitness and physical fitness, which is the common sense of competitive sports. In other words, there is no set of the same standards for all sports. For example, the 3000 meter race is a common dead hole for swimmers. On the one hand, it is easy to cause damage to the originally soft ankles and knee joints; on the other hand, it reverses the muscle and nerve aspects of the athletes from different distances, turning the advantages into disadvantages; some flying fish with injuries can not run 3000 meters, so this point can not be obtained.

Chinese swimming circles need to start from actual combat, treat physical problems with dialectical thinking, respect the rules of events, rationally analyze specific problems, conduct more scientific and targeted physical training and testing, so as to make all players benefit as much as possible, and really enhance their internal skills.

As Zhou Jihong, chairman of China Swimming Association, said: we will conscientiously summarize physical training through this competition, and establish a more perfect basic physical training and physical competition system which is suitable for swimming and closely combined with special events.

Source: responsible editor of Xinhua News Agency: Wang Chengcheng_ NB12651